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Are bureaucracy, ministers interested in more transparency?

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 7, 2006

Harassment of citizens has become so common that it is not even considered news any more. Do you know, for instance, what remedial action you can take if you do not get your passport on time or the person you should get in touch with if a passport office employee asks for ‘speed-money’? Do you know how much time it should take a government agency to give you your ration card? Is it mandatory to grease the palm of a civic employee for something as basic as a water connection? Have you been told what action the government has taken after an honest officer was gunned down for protesting against adulteration of petroleum?

Corruption is, almost always, the direct fall-out of an opaque administration. Unfortunately, the system — comprising our politicians and the bureaucracy — are not always seen working for greater transparency in administration. The never-ending campaign, by the ‘system’, to dilute the Right To Information Act is only one of the more recent examples.

Are the bureaucracy and ministers interested in a more transparent administration?

Resident Editor, The Times of India Mumbai


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