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Posted by rtiact2005 on August 2, 2006

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From: vishnu rajgadia <vrajgadia@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 31-Jul-2006 17:21
Subject: [antibriberycampaign] Some Facts about State Information Comission,
To: ANTI BRIBE <antibriberycampaign@yahoogroups.com>

State Information Commission
Engineering Hostel, Dhurwa, Ranchi
Chief Information Commissioner – Mr. Harishankar
Prasad (Retd. Judge)
Information Commissioners
1. Baidya Nath Mishra (Ex-Resident Editor, Prabhat)
2. Rambilas Gupta (Retd. Law Secretary, Jharkhand)
3. Gangotri Kujur (Political Leader, Associated with
4. Sristi Dhar Mahto
5. Prafull Kumar Mahto
6. Harish Chandra Patar Munda

Other Facts
1. Oath taking ceremony held on 30.07.2006
2. Office inaugurated on 31.07.2006

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Harishankar first CIC of Jharkhand

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 31, 2006

Harishankar first CIC of Jharkhand
Ranchi | July 30, 2006 4:50:29 PM IST

Harishankar Prasad was administered the oath of office and secrecy as the first Chief Information Commissioner of Jharkhand at a simple function in Raj Bhavan today.

Governor Syed Sibtey Razi also swore-in six other information commisioners.

The six information commissioners are Mr Sristi Dhar Mahto, Baijnath Mishra, Harish Chandra Munda, Praful Kumar Mahto, Ram Vilash Gupta and Ms Gangotri Kujur.

Among prominent dignitaries present at the functions were Chief Minister Arjun Munda, working and retired judges and senior bureaucrats.


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Jharkhand RTI Forum Condemn’s RTI amendment

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 23, 2006

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From: Prabhat Khabar Institute <pkrti@yahoo.co.in>
Date: 23-Jul-2006 16:21
Subject: [antibriberycampaign] Jharkhand RTI Forum Condemn’s RTI amendment
To: antibriberycampaign@yahoogroups.com

Human Chain against RTI amendment.

The members of the Jharkhand RTI Forum met at Sandhya Tower, Purulia Road,
Ranchi to condemn the government’s decision to amend the RTI Act. The forum
took following decisions during the meeting:

1.      To launch SAVE RTI CAMPAIGN continuously.
2.      To organize massive Human Chain on 30th July 2006 at Governor House,
3.      To meet Governor of Jharkhand on 24th July to protest the amendment.
4.      To launch State wide Signature Campaign.
5.      9th August, 2006 to be observed as ‘SAVE RTI DAY’

Meanwhile the convener of the Forum, Vishnu Rajgadia pointed out that
“Today, Bhagat Singh would have certainly thrown a bomb in the Parliament
as he did during British regime in the same situation.”
Participants in the forum felt that this is the time for the test of the
common people’s participation and to know the actual response of the people
about the RTI Act. If the people will not come forward against this
amendment, then surely the entire RTI will be slowly curbed down. The
Jharkhand RTI Forum have also decided to write letters to the
representatives both at the State and Central level of Jharkhand and appeal
them to condemn the government’s reactionary decision and bring the issue on
the floor of the house regarding amendment and request them not to support
the amendment. The Forum has also appealed the common people to come forward
to show their disapproval on mass basis.
The meeting was presided by Balram and other participants were Sanjay Seth,
Tirkey, Dr. Prasanjit Mukherjee,  Krishna Munda, Roshanlal Munda, Nilu
Tiwari, Anamika Sinha, Maumita Ganguly, Rajkumar Singh, S.U.Mallick, Abdul
Gani, B.Lakra, Baldev Mahto, M.O.Dalel, P.K Sinha, Kanahai Kumar, Ranjit
Rai, Gulab Rabbni, Joy Baxla, Neeraj Kumar, Atul Kumar Singh, Gopinath
Ghosh, Nilima Yadav, Rakesh Kumar, Rashmi Rani, Raju Singh Yadav, Shakti
Pandey and Mritunjay Sharma.


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Jharkhand RTI Forum Constituted

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 14, 2006

From: “vishnu rajgadia” <vrajgadia@yahoo.co.uk>
To: “ANTI BRIBE” <antibriberycampaign@yahoogroups.com>
Sent: 13 July, 2006 7:06 PM
Subject: [antibriberycampaign] Jharkhand RTI Forum Constituted

Jharkhand RTI Forum Constituted
Ranchi, 11 July : Another success of Drive against Bribe. The organizations and individuals working on RTI in Jharkhand are very much enthusiastic with the campaign and they have decided to join on a common forum. Today they assembled at the Camp of Ranchi and formed JHARKHAND RTI FORUM.  Vishnu Rajgadia has been nominated as the convener of the Forum. Forum’s main object is to spread awareness about RTI in Jharkhand and to tackle the obstacles in the implementation of the ACT. It has also been decided to celebrate INFORMATION INDEPENDENCE DAY on 15th of August 2006 in the state. The first anniversary of RTI Act, 12th of October 2006 will be celebrated as INFORMATION DAY.

Executive Members of Jharkhand RTI Forum-
Vishnu Rajgadia, Dr. Ramesh Sharan, Vinod Poddar, Arjun Jalan, Chandan Dutta, Sudhir Pal, Balram, AK Singh, Dr. Neeru Johri, Sanjay Seth, Jayshankar Choudhary, Prabhakar Agrawal, Nikhilesh, Ratan Tirky, Bashir Ahamad, Ranjeet Tibrewal, Joy Bakhala, Ganesh Reddy, Shailesh Majumdar, Shantanu Tiwari, Anamika, Momita Ganguli, Shakti Pandey, Jayprakash Agrawal, Basant Hetamsaria, Anupama, Prasannjit Banarjee, Rajesh Das, Neelu Tiwari, RK Nirad, Sunil Mahto, Satyendra Singh, Krishna Munda, Roshan Lal Munda, Mritunjay Sharma, Neha Gupta, Omprakash, Pramod Kumar, Anil Bhagat.

Two students each from the dept. of Journalism of Ranchi University, St. Xaviers College (Journalism) and PKIMS will also be included in the committee.

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RIT Status Report : Act still effectively remains on the statute books – Jharkhand RTI

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 9, 2006

RIT Status Report : Act still effectively remains on the statute books – Jharkhand RTI

The national Right to Information Act is a landmark for citizenship rights in India. fe takes a look at how it has been implemented since its enactment last year


Act still effectively remains on the statute books


Posted online: Monday, July 10, 2006 at 0000 hours IST

Implementation of the Right to Information (RTI) Act in Jharkhand is still in its utter infancy, with most people, including the leader of the Opposition, Sudhir Mahato, knowing little about it.Jawaharlal Sharma, a long-time human rights activist in Jamshedpur, when asked about RTI in the state’s most literate and industrialised district, East Singhbhum, says the Act “has not been implemented properly yet.” According to Prem Chand, chairman of the Free Legal Aid Committee (Flac), a social organisation active in spreading awareness against ‘witch killing’ (daaen hatya), “Ninety-nine per cent people don’t know anything about RTI.” One may guess the status of RTI in the state’s other 21 districts.

It wouldn’t, thus, be wrong to say here that even the educated in the state today have no clue as to what RTI is and what is to be done to seek any information, especially that which the government may find uncomfortable to give away. There is, thus, an all-round consensus that a lot needs to be done urgently to make the public aware of the power of the RTI, including the how-to-do aspect.

Talking of RTI’s impact so far on the state of governance, Nishant Akhilesh of People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) feels that Jharkhand has “yet to see any noticeable change in the pattern of governance,” adding that information going against government was not readily available. PUCL says that it had, around six months before, applied for information on the reasons for delay and the cost-overrun taking place in the construction of the ‘model’ Ghagidih jail, as also on the status of the Sakchi jail (both in and around Jamshedpur). It has yet to get the information.

PUCL also alleges that on having applied for the detail of the inquiry report concerning the death of one Sunil Gorai, who was killed in a lathi-charge by the Mango police a year before, the information officer told them they dare not complain against him for not furnishing the information.

Flac’s Chand complains about an instance where an organisation was asked recently to dish out a prohibitive amount to get a copy of a voluminous data.

“If a social organisation was unable to pay, how can we expect an individual to bear the brunt,” he asks.

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All information on-line by 2007: Munda

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 2, 2006

All information on-line by 2007: Munda
Ranchi | July 02, 2006 4:53:20 AM IST


Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda today said by next year all information will be made available on-line.

Mr Munda inaugarating a seminar on ‘don’t give bribe, seek information,’ organised by a local hindi daily, yesterday said all sections of society would be benefitted by the law.

He said people should be aware of benefits of democracy and the RTI act was framed keeping in mind this social responsibility.

Leader of the opposition Sudhir Mahto said the act should be made widespread as it was the responsibility of the government.

Assembly speaker Inder Singh Namdhari presiding over the seminar also spoke on the ocassion.


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