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Posted by rtiact2005 on December 29, 2007

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— –
Respected sir ,

I am a social worker and works for right to information. Through use
of RTI I have unearthed many irregularities of social welfare
department of uttar pradesh. Today at around 11:47 AM sri A. K. Bajpai
principal G. B. Pant Polytechnic Mohan Road Lucknow made a phone call
to me and gave me life threats and said that he alongwith Pawan Kumar
Mishra and K. K. srivastava will implicate my husband in so many cases
that our life will become hell if I don’t stop using RTI against all
of them.

I have informed the matter to Sri S. K. Verma , Director Social
welfare Uttar pradesh by telephone ON HIS MOBILE at 15:55PM and he has
assured me to take action in this matter.

These persons are law breakers and one of them namely pawan kumar
mishra is a registered fraud .I have exposed darker side of their
characters and activities through use of RTI so they are threatening
me so that I should not go to State Information Commission to pursue
cases against them.Even after repeated orders of Honb’le Chief State
Information Commissioner J. Sri M. A. Khan , A K . Bajpai repeatedly
sends P. K. Mishra to information commission only to threaten me.

The life of my family is in danger so please at the earliest possible
institute a high level enquiry taking into consideration all the
frauds of these persons to punish the real culprits so that only
truth should win and I and my family should breathe in a fearless
Thanking you

yours truly

M- 09305463313


  1. Bimal KumarKhemani said

    We strongly condemn these type of coward activities of the corrupt persons. But be assured ye beiman log bahut hi kamjor hote hai, ye kisi ka kuchh bhi nahi bigad `sakate. Kindly continue your efforts to un earth their sins.

  2. KN VENUGOPAL said


    We are with you.
    I am circulating this to all members in GANDHIGIRI in Bangalore

  3. Badri said

    Yes I congratulate you on your steadfastness on doing the right thing. Even though your family is threatened you have taken such a bold step..kudos!!!!

    But I suggest you not to be docile….like a layman….identify people in your locality who are truthful and will voice against injustice. Keep them informed about your developments…just that have a emergency plan-B!!!

    We dont want martyrs. We want people who will win and live happily. We want heroes who are from normal class.

  4. Kris Dev said

    Why don’t you file an RTI application to Commissioner of Police and Home Secretary, UP under threat to life and liberty and seek remedial action within 48 hours, as provided in RTIA?

    If your application copy is posted online, we can follow it up with further applications.

  5. Dr Rajinder K Singla, Chandigarh said

    You have rightly disclosed the fate of your having filed RTI Applications intended to expose coruption in the system. Similar is the tragic tale of many RTI Applicants throughout the country today, especially those who are fighty against corruption done by rich and mighty people of the country. I have consistently been filing RTI Applications and complaints to expose irregularities/corruption in one of the premier public schools of the country (The Lawrence School, Sanawar) controlled by none other than the Union Education Secretary himself and the consequences are no diferent. One of my appeal before the CIC heard on January 3, 2008 awaits decision. Meanwhile the authorities/BOG Members of the school have started threatening my present employment (College lecturership) to force me withdraw my appeal from the CIC Office.

    My services as a teacher had already been terminatd by the said school after my having filed an RTI Application to CBSE which intended to expose dubious affairs in the functioning of the school. This is the second time they are trying to deprive me of my employment. Let us see whether people like us will get justice in due course of time or the truth remains: “Howsoever high the law may be, certain people in India are certainly above law”.

  6. james godwin said

    I have problem in Mumbai, Maharashtra being an activist I see that the SIC appointed by the Maharashtra Govt. fails to use the section 20 against the Government Officails in order to please the power which has selected him. In three of my cases despite the evidnece on record I failed to get the section 20 evoked against the concerned PIO’s due to the help extended by the SIC in Maharashtra.Further the Appeal takes neraly one year to come for hearing due to this most of the AA fails to care for the assured one year wait period besides assured of inaction on the section 20 of the RTI Act, 2005.

    James Godwin from Mumbai.

  7. ravisuvarna said

    Sub:Police Inaction in the case of house grabbing by Deepak Niranjanath Pandit
    Superitendant of Customs,Air Cargo Complex,Mumbai,brother of producer/Director Ashok Pandith by misusing official power /and connection at high places

    We, Mr&Mrs.K.Gopal Rao aged 75 years and 65 years are the Legal owners of flat no 803 Brookhill Tower,Andheri(w),Mumbai.Mr and Mrs. Deepak Pandit are known to us through Ravi Suvarna who is also Superirendant of Customs ,
    approached to us for temperory shelter for a period of 2-3 months,since in the society in which they stay do not have lift and Mrs Arushi D.Pandit was undergoing a major heart surgery in Leela Hospital and need one bedroom in our flat.Hence,we allowed Mr. Deepak Pandit to stay in our flat with his wife and son(One son is away in angalore),by providing one bed room and allowed them to use common hall and kitchen
    on humanitarian and medical ground with out charging a single rupee.

    In Sept 2007, we visited our native place in Karnataka,and locked other 3 bedrooms apart from which has been used byDeepak Pandit and his wife Arushi Pandit by showing blind faith
    and trust and handed over the keys of main entrance.When we came back from our native place,we found our other two bed rooms locks were broken and the bedrooms have been used
    by Mr.Deepak Pandit and Mrs.Arushi D. Pandit.When we asked about this mischief,Mr Deepak Pandit very rudely replied that we people should vacate the flat along with our belongings.We were
    shocked and surprised after this incident.
    Then we immediatly contacted Ravi Suvarna and Ravi Suvarna contacted Deepak Pandit about vacating the flat.He bluntlydenied to vacate the flat and also threatened with dire consequences and that his brother Mr Ashok Pandit is a very influential political person,and Deepak pandit himself is a Custom Officer and by virtue of his position/post he will grab our flat.
    Further we approached to one/two reputed persons in the society and narrated the things which have been going on and requested them to mediate the dispute.He refused to meet the
    persons and asked us to pay Rs 10 lakh otherwise he will not vacate the flat .At the same time he mentioned that we will see how he will grab our flat.

    Recently we have come to know that other than his house in
    Juhu (no 214)juhu Shantivan co-operative Housing Society,bldg
    no 13,gulmohar cross road no 6,Andheri(w),he has got one house
    at Takur Complex, kandivili(E),and one at Andheri(E). He has rented
    out all these houses and took shelter at our place on sympathetic/humanitarian grounds.

    We have approached the oshiwara police and lodged written complaints dtd 4/10/07 and 28/02/08 but to no avail.Police have threatened to arrest our grand daughter if she doesn’t vacate the house and she was forced to leave the house at 0400 AM on 05/10/07(By SI Gaikwad,Kadam on the instruction of the PI Sonawane of Oshiwada Police Station).As we are old
    aged and can not run from pillar to post,I kindly request yourgoodselves to Publish this issue on your Paper because this kind of acts by people by misusing the legal provisions to their advantage and grabbing only shelter of senior citizens by taking the help of police and security staffof the building.This is nothing but breach of trust and they know that if it goes to court it will take years together.These kind of issues should be debated and people should be educated about this kind of offences/crimes(misuse of legal provisions) which were probably made to safeguard poor tenants

    We kindly request your goodselves to take up the matter so that people will get educated about such kind of abuse of legal provisions and also wrong people who misuse the provisions of law to their advantage which were made to safeguard the weeker sections by using official power and connection at high places.As we are old aged and can not run from pillar to post,We kindly request you to publish in your paper after investigating the case and being convinced as an issue(House grabbing).He has made an extra(double) door in our absence and now he is not allowing us to enter the house with the help of Oshiwada police.If a public servant can behave like a goon and grab only house of senior citizens then we are in the same age old tradition of slavery.(We are ready to produce any kind od evidence reg the fact that he is forcefully/illegally stying in our house).He has not got any papers/reciepts

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr.&Mrs. K.Gopal Rao.
    76/41,14th cross,PadmanabhaNagar,
    Cell No 09343952727
    So many people have suffered or lost their houses due to this kind of planned tactics(Khabja). If you publish the article/News,it will definately help people who go to help people innocently and get trapped.I hope there should be amendments in the legal provisions to safeguard genuine cases.As the legal process takes years together and culprits enjoy the possession merrily.Here the system(Law and order/police and legal system has also to be blamed).If things like this continues people will lose humanity and stop helping even in genuine cases.Please help us atleast in educating(legalities) people about this Khabja

  8. RUDRAPPA said

    Dear sir , please file a compaint to the Home minister , commmissioner of police , state information commissioner and governor of your state
    it is very urgent

    Thanking you

    Bachao india from clutches of corruption


  9. Ali Adravi said

    They must be punished by Law. Don’t be worry, do the FIR and make sure write: In future if there is anything happening to my life then these bad guys will be directly involved in the matter.

    Be Happy.

  10. ashutosh shukla said

    dear sir,
    this is to inform to i have complaint regarding railway employ varanasi rail board.so please confirm me rti address and contacet no.


  11. Deep Chand Gupta said

    Dear Sir.

    This is deep Chand Gupta. I Need full address of Basic Siksha Sachiv Allhabad. For Righi to information

  12. Deep Chand Gupta said

    Dear Sir,

    This is Deep Chand Gupta. I Need Full address and Contact Deatils of Basic siksha sachiv allhabad U.P

    Warm Regards
    Deep Chand Gupta
    Mail Id is deep.chand84@gmail.com

  13. Akbar siddiqui said

    In khesarai police have no manner to how to talk i m ph one police come on call me he said laga his name is manjo chourdary heigh near about 5 ft . Sir rquest to you axn on police officer only than

  14. ajay kumar said

    sir mera naam ajay kumar hai

  15. ashu said

    You should keep up writing as much as you can and inform each and every table in writing about these. Any of the tables will surely take action.

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