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Kalam for fusion of e-governance and RTI

Posted by rtiact2005 on October 15, 2006

Kalam for fusion of e-governance and RTI


NEW DELHI: President APJ Abdul Kalam on Friday asked the Government to expedite the Rs 23,000 crore National E-Governance Grid Programme to make the revolutionary people friendly Right To Information Act a real success.

Inaugurating the three-day national conference on RTI organised by the Central Information Commissioner (CIC) here at the Vigyan Bhavan, Kalam said that the objective of the Act could be achieved only if the ambitious NEGP programme was completed at the earliest.

Once completed “the programme which aims at integrating information network at the district,

states and national level to a common e-information grid would help faster and transparent

dissemination of information to the citizens,” the President said.

Kalam advised the CIC to carry out various changes of its website programme so as to make it more meaningful

to the applicants who move the commission for information.

Pointing out that lack of awareness was one of the principal reasons for people approaching officials who are unrelated to the issues involved, the President asked the CIC to put on its website the role and duties of the different departments and officials in the country’s federal structure.

“The people should know which official to approach for their problem. Today at Rashtrapathi Bhavan we get hundreds for various requests ranging from departmental promotions to settlement of land disputes,” the President remarked amid laughter.


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