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Semi-final Draft of Resolution for National Convention 14 October 2006

Posted by rtiact2005 on October 13, 2006

 From: “Rakesh Agarwal” <rakesh@nyayabhoomi.org>
Date: Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:09 am
Subject: Semi-final draft of Resolution for National Convention 14 October 2006

Please bear it in mind that in keeping with the last resolution on the list, we can only make demands which do not require a change in the Act itself.

  1. The CIC and the SICs should impose penalties as a matter of law and rule rather than as exceptions in order to effectively implement the Act and reduce the number of second appeals reaching the Commissions.
  2. The Central and State Information Commissions should ensure that by January 2007, not more than 5% of the Second appeals and complaints will be pending for disposal for over 60 days, and the rest shall be disposed off in no more than 120 days.
  3. All decisions/rulings of the Commissions must have three sentences by default: (a) Has the PIO adhered to time limits? (b) Has the AA adhered to time limits? (c) If not, what action needs to be taken against them?
  4. An opportunity for hearing must be given to all appellants and complainants.
  5. Central and State Information Commissions should go by the letter and spirit of the law and ensure that denial of information is only as per the exemptions listed in the law. Especially, section 8(1)(j) dealing with personal information should only mean to exempt that information from disclosure which would cause intrusion into privacy of a third party.
  6. All SICs should create and maintain their websites which are updated everyday or on real time basis.
  7. The Governments must provide the requisite staff and facilities to the Commissions.
  8. The Governments must appoint all ten Commissioners. At least one-third strength of each Commission should be derived from the judiciary.
  9. The Governments must ensure that all PIOs, AAs and ICs use emails as a mode of communication with applicants who have provide their own email IDs in order to cut down on both costs and time.
  10. All Public Authorities, Ministries and Departments must provide a monthly report to the Commission in accordance with Section 25 (2) of the Act, and action should be taken against officials who do not provide these.
  11. The governments must ensure a common name in whose favour the demand drafts and postal orders may be drawn for all public authorities.
  12. The Commissions must submit their reports latest by November end to the Governments so that they can be placed before the legislatures/Parliament.
  13. All Public Authorities must fulfill the requirements under Section 4 and a compliance report submitted by them to the Commissions by November 2006.
  14. The Government must give an assurance of making no changes to the RTI Act for the next two years.

Those who are not attending the Convention, please ensure your comments are posted by Friday afternoon 2pm. After that, too little time is left to incorporate your views. Alternatively, you may convey to someone attending. Thanks.


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