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RTI missive gets missile money

Posted by rtiact2005 on October 12, 2006

RTI missive gets missile money


AHMEDABAD: You expect mutual respect when the family of the first speaker of Parliament of independent India deals with the defence ministry on sensitive projects like the Agni, Prithvi and Akash missile development programmes.

But as it happened, Narhari Mavalankar, the youngest son of GV Mavalankar, the first speaker of the Lok Sabha, had to use the Right to Information Act to make the Defence Research and Development Organisation, Hyderabad fork out around Rs 10 lakh after a 15-month delay. And that too after the RTI application was addressed to the office of President Abdul Kalam.

Mavalankar’s engineering firm Genest manufactured the carbon composite impregnator plant for the defence laboratory, a technology used in high temperature chambers of missiles. The project was assigned to the firm in February 2002 and was to be completed by January 2003.

However, due to the inordinate delays in payments and design approvals by the ministry, the trials were carried out in March 2005.

But the RTI application hastened matters in the ministry. Payments were cleared within four weeks and the money reached Mavalankar in September this year. Mavalankar has now approached the defence ministry again under RTI to know the reasons for the delay so that he can claim damages.

“It was an embarrassment for the defence ministry as we posed the questions two months back to President Kalam since all the bank guarantees pertaining to the project were in the name of the President. The ministry promptly cleared my payments but never answered my queries. I have now demanded an explanation for the delays at each stage,” says Mavalankar.

In his application,Mavalankar has also mentioned that the building to house the plant was not erected even two years after the project was approved.

“I had a feeling that the ministry was trying to blame me for the delays. Right from the design approval which saw a two-month delay to delays in payments, which took anywhere between three to 10 months, the officials found some odd reason to delay our payments at each stage. How could the ministry be so careless towards such a confidential programme?” he asks.


4 Responses to “RTI missive gets missile money”

  1. respacted sirs .
    as gujarat is part of india and whole india stamp require rupees of 10 only where as only gujarat require rs. 20 / – why and what for

  2. Gujarat is far behind in RTI reason treatening from the department and public is not come forwards to demand. big publicity require through media and press.

    vasant dave

  3. bb maheshwari said

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  4. bb maheshwari said

    to calculate pension, gratuity, cmutation ,leave encashment etc asper 6th pay comm.
    pl suggestt simple formla for a layman

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