Right to Information – Master key to good governance


Posted by rtiact2005 on October 6, 2006

1. I have an idea that needs country-wide action. Being a former

officer of the Indian Audit and Accounts Service, in my humble

opinion, it is essential to initiate "CITIZENS AUDIT OF RTI


sustained pressure by citizen groups, authorities may never

implement this law in letter and spirit.

2. We have to find ways of motivating citizen groups to file RTI

application at District /Block/Village level, raising pertinent

issues and demanding records regarding the implementation of RTI Act

by differant Departments. I have posted a draft application at the

yahoo group "rti4ngo" along with other material to facilitate this

complex task of "CITIZEN'S AUDIT."

3. It is my hunch that the Government Departments at the grass root

level may not have taken the actions for implementing RTI Act, as

required by the law. Thereby, "CITIZENS AUDIT" would reveal non

implementation which can be reported to Central /State Information

Commission. Their intervention may help in generating pressure on

concerned Heads of Department.

4. If these measures do not yield adequate result , Public Interest

Litigations should be considered for judicial directions regarding

implementing RTI Act.

5. Press and media should be actively associated in spreading

knowledge about success stories and benefits of RTI At, as well as

highlighting deficiency in implementation.

6. Implementation of RTI act will result in sustained administrative

reforms and citizens participation in governance.

Dhirendra Krishna IA&AS (Retired)

C-4, Usha Niketan,

Safderjung Development Area,

New Delhi-110016

Phone 26514925,

Email; dhirendrakrishna@ yahoo.co. uk

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