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Posted by rtiact2005 on October 1, 2006

Is there an indication that Arvind/Parivartan/Bhushan are interested in anything other than the SKD complaint?

Not a lot of people are happy with them assuming a sort of a monopoly on the role of an intermediary first with the legislative draft-making people (I found out the version they were working on only after an MP put it up in Rajya Sabha – see my blog, this one from Bhushan et al. is severely deficient that has not picked up threads from IWBA including my work with Mr. Shetty) and now with the supreme court.

There has to be an unequivocal communication from them to whistleblowers who have written to the CVC – including VBS whom they know — that they will represent them also or will gladly work with the lawyers representing whistleblowers other than SKD. Please reflect on this.

This is not a simple issue of just working with an organization of that organization does not represent in words and action it wants to stand up for other whistleblowers thus justifying its arrogation of the intermediary role.




Parivarthan does not respond to TRANSPARENCY ?

PARIVARTHAN thinks that they are not ACCOUNTABLE to any one !! WHY ?

Do’t you think that some of them MESSED up CASE of martyr SKD ?

You must know that more people are getting to know the FACTS about NGO’s or GROUPS.

Problem is some of these people in these groups think that they are the only one need to be handling the issues and others need to listen to them.



Respected Sir,

I cannot resist to agree with you 100%. It is more than one year since when the directorate general of vigilance is after me, merely to scuttle my deputation to CBI. Had people like you, Vidshal, Sanjay, Shadiji, YP Sngh , Rajesh, Sucheta, etc. were not there, vigilancewould have digested me by now.

Parivartan and others NGO think that whatever they aredoing for whistleblowers is the best and the first condion of whistleblower s that he should be a martyr.

I don’t seen any ponit in approching Arvind for rederessal.


VB Singh



5 Responses to “NCPRI, PARIVARTHAN, CHRI need to become TRANSPARENT and ACCOUNTABLE !!”

  1. I read about PARIWARTAN and I want to associate myself with this NGO. I would like to work activly . I am Master of Sociology, Education and LLB. I am a Rotarian and elected First Women Rotary President of Distt 325. I belong to Patna and at present stay at Delhi. I worked 20 years with Central Govt Undertakings,and naw I am free from work. Kindly reply me so that I can start my opening with PARIWARTAN . Regards.

  2. Alankar Jain said

    i want becom r t i karyakarta -Alankar Jain

  3. i want join with parivartan.
    brijesh tiwari badlapur (E)
    thane (maharashtra)

  4. Shivraj singh said

    I wanna b an rti activist. Plz guide me 4 dis.

  5. Madhu Kaul said

    i want te register myself with Parivarthan

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