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Delhi gears up for Right to Know Day

Posted by rtiact2005 on September 28, 2006

Delhi gears up for Right to Know Day


Delhi gears up for Right to Know Day

New Delhi, Sep 27: Civil rights activists in the capital are preparing to hold meetings, distribute publications and send text messages to city residents to encourage them to stand up for their rights on International Right to Know Day Thursday.

“This day has been celebrated the world over for the past four years but not many people in the capital are aware of this day and its importance. So we will take the initiative to generate awareness among residents of the city,” said Aditi Datta of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative.

“We have decided to send SMS messages to people and distribute our publications on ‘right to information’ and ‘right to know’, so that people can demand their fundamental rights,” said Datta.

She added that preparations were also on to organise a national conference Oct 12 against the amendment of the right to information bill by the government.

Civil society members working at the grass-roots level in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Delhi are also likely to take part in the conference.

“Some of the leading activists in the country have been invited to speak on the subject and we would try to highlight people who have benefited using their right to information,” said Datta.

“The objective of the conference would be to formulate strategies to stop the government from amending the right to information bill. We suspect that the government might try to present the bill in the winter session of parliament,” said Datta.

She said the bill would complete one year on Oct 12, but the right to information commissions have not yet been set up in some states.

“People continue to struggle to get information from the state after using their right to information. Red-tapism continues to be a hindrance,” added Datta.

Activists said the occasion would also provide an opportunity to reflect on the progress of India’s Right to Information Act and the efforts made by the government to transform the bureaucratic culture of secrecy and red-tapism.

“We believe that the right to information bill has not been effectively implemented in the country as only 3,056 cases have been reported till Sep 4,” said Neeraj Kumar of National Campaign for People’s Right to Information.

He said his organisation plans to conduct 20 seminars across the country to make people aware about the bill.

Kumar added that the group would target states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, where awareness about the bill was the lowest.


3 Responses to “Delhi gears up for Right to Know Day”

  1. To,
    M/S Aditi Datta of CHRI
    and Neeraj Kumar of NCPRI.

    I am convinced that without sustained pressure from the citizen groups/ngos, public authorities in Central and State Government will not take adequate measures to implement RTI Act in letter and spirit. In my view, audit of implementation of RTI Act at grass roots is essential, which requires:

    (a) Application under RTI seeking copy of documents regarding implementation of RTI.

    (b) Complaint to CIC/SIC, regarding non-implementation leading to directions from the Commissioners to concerned Ministry /Department.

    I have tried to initiate the process by placing some material in the yahoo group rti4ngo, to faciltate the audit of RTI implementation by citizens. I request for the help of CHRI,NCPRI and other active groups for due publicity to mobilise such actions.

    Dhirendra Krishna IA&AS (Retired)
    C-4, Usha Niketan,
    Safderjung Development Area,
    New Delhi-110016

    email dhirendrakrishna@yahoo.co.uk; ushaniketan@hathway.com

    Phone 26514925

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  3. vishnu said


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