Right to Information – Master key to good governance


Posted by rtiact2005 on September 18, 2006



RTI: An enormous power with the people
In conversation with Vinita Deshmukh, Arvind Kejriwal talks about India’s RTI movement, and worries that a formidable tool of empowerment might slip out of the hands of citizens if amendments proposed by the UPA government are enacted.
Right to info | Interviews | Delhi
August 2006

Another step towards Parivartan
Ration shopkeepers wont divulge their records, Food Department officials wont file complaints, and the police wont act on their own or accept complaints from the public. Is the cycle of corruption complete? A public hearing in Delhi shows there may still be some options. Varupi Jain reports on the latest from Parivartan.
Delhi | Right to know
August 2004

Popularising the right to know
New Delhi’s citizen crusaders seeking enforcement of the state’s Right to Information law are now scaling their methods and inspiration. Following its early successes, the Delhi based non-profit Parivartan has formed a new platform – a Right to Information ‘manch’ – to bring interested people together. Varupi Jain reports.
Parivartan | Delhi | Rights to know
April 2004

And Parivartan goes on …
From halting massive siphoning of food supplies to a restoration of fair operations, some neighbourhood communities in New Delhi have made steady progress in making the Public Distribution System work. Varupi Jain provides an update on the work of Parivartan, whose efforts are leading this change.
Right to know | Delhi
March 2004
Parivartan, here to stay?
This non-profit’s initial success in effective enforcement of Delhi’s Right to Information Act has woken up the establishment to implementation of existing regulations just as much as it has informed citizens about them. Varupi Jain reports on the recent upswing for Parivartan.
Delhi | Right to know | Local govt.
December 2003

Delhi’s citizens act en-masse
On August 29, over 150 citizens filed applications seeking information about PDS ration records in Delhi’s Food and Civil Supplies department. This action followed an episode of harassment of Triveni, a poor citizen at the hands of inspectors of the Food department.
September 2003

Seek and hide
Citizen pressure through the Right to Information Act led to Delhi’s Food & Civil Supplies department procuring PDS records from ration dealers for public release. Subsequently, a large number of ration dealers moved the High Court for a stay on the release. Surprisingly, the Court issued a stay order.
August 2003


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