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Mother of All Scams, Union Minister Shri Arjun Singh involved in SCIC KKM

Posted by rtiact2005 on September 11, 2006

Date:     Sat, 1 Oct 2005 05:13:47 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject:    Mother of All Scams, Union Minister Shri Arjun Singh involved in SCIC KKM

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Mother of All Scams:

Union Minister Shri Arjun Singh involved

 In appointment of Shri. K. K. Misra,

the Tainted Bureaucrat

As The Karnataka Chief Information Commissioner

An Extract From “AGNI” Kannada Weekly Dated 11th August 2005 From Bangalore


1.     Shri.KK Misra has bagged the appointment as Karnataka State Chief Information Commissioner due to a DEAL arranged by FATHER IN LAW.

2.     Shri.KK Misra a native of Uttar Pradesh is married to the daughter of Ex Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Congress Member.

3.     Shri.KK Misra’s Father in Law is a close friend of Union Minister Shri.Arjun Singh.

4.     Union Minister Shri. Arjun Singh has pressurized Shri. Dhram Singh, Chief Minister of Karnataka to appoint Shri. K . K. Misra as Karnataka State Chief Information Commissioner.

  1. There is no evidence of KKM doing any meaningful service to Karnataka.
  2. Nor there is any evidence that he used his wisdom for saving Karnataka from many of the crisis it faced.
  3. Forget about any service to Karnataka KKM has only given embarrassment to GOK.
  4. Getting High Court directive for his prosecution for Filing of false affidavit to High court is the only his crowning blunder.


One Response to “Mother of All Scams, Union Minister Shri Arjun Singh involved in SCIC KKM”

  1. Ravindra said

    Whoever is posting these details seem to be a petty politician given to spreading irrelevent comments for personal gains.

    couple of questions:

    1. Kannda paper “Agni” is an acknowledged yellow magazine whose main business is to blackmail politcians/corrupt govt. servants. With such reputation to go, what makes you think that Agni is publishing true news?

    2. How in heaven’s name are you concerned about kk mishra’s faher-in-law and his friend? Is this impeding KK Mishra’s work? if so how do you know?( any documents on this)

    Pls. refrain from reducing the RTI movement to a petty political ground.

    P.S: I am a born banglorean with kannada as my mothertongue and i happen to read agni in my ‘barber shop” and have a good laugh everytime i read his issue.

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