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Teacher demands RTI, punished

Posted by rtiact2005 on September 2, 2006


Teacher demands RTI, punished

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By IBNlive.com

Friday September 1, 07:31 PM

New Delhi: Next time you try and obtain facts using the Right to Information Act (RTI), you may just be shouted at and thrown out.

Take the case of a Delhi-based school teacher at the Lok Nayak Jaiprakash hospital on Thursday evening.

Ajit Kumar was escorted for a checkup after he was roughed up by Lok Nayak Jayprakash hospital staff because he used his right to information to get some answers about the allocation of funds related to treatment of patients.

Kumar received delayed and incomplete responses to his queries. When he decided to file an appeal against this and take a stronger stance, he paid dearly.

“Eight-ten persons came and man-handled me and confined me wrongfully,” related Kumar.

When the hospital staff was confronted, they refused to speak to CNN-IBN. The Medical Superintendent (MS) clarified nothing and his staff just shied away from the accusations.

In fact, Kumar is not the only one to have questioned the hospital’s functioning.

Dinesh Jindal had also filed an application questioning the investigation into the alleged misbehavior of a particular doctor.

After a month’s wait, Jindal was told that they had never received his application.

“They have deliberately misplaced my application. There is obviously something going on between the MS and his subordinates, ” said Jindal.

All is not transparent when it comes to the RTI. Not only answers, even a simple right has been denied to people like Dinesh Jindal and Ajit Kumar who wait alone for exercising their right to information.

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One Response to “Teacher demands RTI, punished”

  1. Lawrence Sathiyaraj J said

    Dear All,

    This is not the first such case of getting punished for seeking info under RTI. I have been issued with written punishment orders from my officers in BSNL for seeking info under RTI sought by me to flushout corruption in the department. But still I am not dettered by their unlawful acts I have decided to fight till the end to get all the info and stop corruption.

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