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RTI campaigners jubilant over govt decision

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 20, 2006

RTI campaigners jubilant over govt decision


RTI campaigners jubilant over govt decisionNeha Khanna

Watch story RTI campaigners jubilant over govt decision

Sunday, August 20, 2006 (New Delhi):

Campaigners have called the government’s decision to drop the amendments to the Right to Information act for now, a victory for the people of India.

The Prime Minister finally sent a message to Gandhian social activist Anna Hazare that amendments that will dilute the RTI will not be made for now.

Hazare broke his 11-day-old hunger strike on Saturday describing it as a victory for the people. He and other campaigners have been protesting across the country.

But their celebrations are guarded and they have added that they will continue their efforts until the government decides to withdraw proposed amendments to the RTI completely.

“It is a victory for the people. The people who voiced their concern against corruption, who took part in the protest, who filled the ballot boxes,” said Aruna Roy, activist.

Powerful law

In just nine months the law has enabled thousands of Indians to get their ration cards, passports and water connections without paying a bribe.

This prompted the government bureaucrats to fight back and lobby the government to amend the law.

Ordinary citizens came out in protest against the move and were joined by MPs including from the Left.

The Left parties have had several run in with the government and the proposed changes in RTI would have been another.

The government has relented on the Right to Information and file notings made by bureaucrats will continue to stay in the public domain at least for now.

The Left says that if the file notings were removed it would have killed the act and that’s why they did not support the law.

Campaigners say efforts on a national scale to keep the pressure on the government will continue.

They also plan to start the campaign again to try and educate Indians about RTI and how to use it.


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