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Letter sent to minister after meeting by RTI activists

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 19, 2006

Jain  wrote:Dear Friends,

This is a very well drafted letter & states the stand of our group in a very persuasive manner. Let us give it as wide publicity as possible.

I would also like to comment on a few points here:

1. From the letter : According to you, file notings were not supposed to be disclosed under RTI Act as per Government’s understanding and intentions. But the law, as passed by the Parliament was interpreted by Central Information Commission to mean that file notings had to be disclosed. This created confusion. It was to clear this confusion that the Government brought in these amendments.

Is there any record to prove that file notings were not supposed to be disclosed under RTI Act as per Government’s understanding and intentions & the govt had to resort to these amendments only because of CIC’s adverse ruling on file notings? Only the people responsible for  giving birth to the RTI act can vouch for it. The truth seems to be that the file notings were intended to be disclosed even initially when the bill was proposed & CIC only clarified any confusion later on.

2. From the letter : It should be allowed to function for a few years. Let us gain experience. If need be, all of us could then discuss and think of amendments a few years down the line. But no amendments should be considered without adequate public consultations .

I think this is a very open-minded, logical & flexible stand – Let us gain experience – rather than tinkering with the new act within a year without any experience of its shortcomings or loopholes. 

I support this move of engaging the govt in a dialogue & exploring its mind – it is not compromise or negotiation. We should try & reach the real decision-makers, including the PM, otherwise only the corrupt & dishonest babu-neta nexus will have access to the power-corridors & manage the decisions their own way.

C k Jain


One Response to “Letter sent to minister after meeting by RTI activists”

  1. ramesh wasudeo said

    presently there are several gray areas in the RTI.

    one glaring example is sec 2 (h). by this definition, almmost any organization comes under RTI as it will have been established or constituted under some law of parliament or state legislature.

    many anomalies will come to light indue course.

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