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RTI application submission

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 16, 2006

Much storm, thunder and lightning (as well as song and dance, I may add) about file notings.One fast has already come unfastened in Delhi.

In addition, the only person with real nation-wide credibility on the subject has been literally rendered unfit and hors-de-combat by leading him onto a fast unto death, while even stranger and stranger formations enter the anti-Government stand.

I mean, you have the Marxists and Maoists leftistson one side and the right-wing religious groups on the other, both of whom are not paragons of transparency themselves.

Then you have assorted NGOs, with commendable backing from governments abroad. And finally, you have Aruna Roy as well as a host of other Rockefeller Award winners, trying to justify why defence file notings should be out there in the open.

But that is neither here nor there. I want to concentrate on how submitting an RTI Application is still amongst the most difficult things to do. Here are some more experiences. (Ofcourse, I continue to submit applications for out-station applicants through the kindness of Lodi Road PO, New Delhi 11oo03).

a) An ex-Intelligence Bureau retired IPS officer,  who needed to submit a simple RTI Application about some thing to do with the area where he now lives in. After three attempts on his own steam at various offices, he finally sent it by registered post and hoped for the best. I subsequently had a duplicate submitted care of the CPIO of the CM of the State he lives in.

b) An ex-Chief of one of the Constitutional Bodies retired IAS officer, who also wanted to submit a simple RTI Application. After two attempts on his own steam, I sent him with my Office Assistant to the Post Office.

c) A retired Air Force Officer, subsequently suspended from one of the autonomous bodies, who eventually I guided to the Post Office. (In his case, one of the rare victories where I admit that file notings are, also, important . . . .)

Point I am making is for every one educated internet enabled person, there are thousands who can still not submit an RTI Aplplication.

So what are all these lefties, righties, middlies and NGOs doing about that?

“Malik, Veeresh” <veereshmalik@gmail.com>


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