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CIC contempt proceedings against DOPT

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 15, 2006

NDTV Correspondent

Monday, August 14, 2006 (New Delhi):


The UPA government’s attempt to keep file notings out of the Right to
Information Act is facing stiff opposition from the Left and the Right.

“We will tell the government not to bring it but despite our opposition if
the government goes ahead and decides to bring it we will ensure that it
goes to a parliamentary committee that examines it,” said AB Bardhan,
General Secretary of the CPI.

The Left has also officially communicated its stand to the government and
the Prime Minister has called a meeting on the 17th to explain to the Left

“The Congress party trusts that the government will not dilute but
strengthen the act,” said General Secretary, AICCI, Satyavarat Chaturvedi.

“We will accept no dilutions, the government cannot do this,” said BJP chief
whip Vijay Kumar Malhotra.

The Central Information Commission has initiated contempt proceedings
against the Department of Personnel saying it has not deleted from its
website the information that file notings are exempt from the Right to
Information Act.


2 Responses to “CIC contempt proceedings against DOPT”

  1. P.K. Aditya, Chandigarh said


    The Central Information Commission deserves to be complimented for having displayed utmost patience by waiting for a month, since it communicated to the DOPT its decision, of July 13, 2006, asking DOPT to remove the alteration done by the DOPT in the definition of ‘information’, by excluding file notings .

    It remains to be seen how soon the DOPT undoes the flagrancy.
    It will be a day of rejoicing by all RTI Activists.

    P.K. Aitya, Chandigarh

  2. N. Anbarasan said

    The attitude of DOPT clearly displays the arogant bureacrcy prevailing in Indian Government.

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