Right to Information – Master key to good governance

Appeal to all MPs

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 15, 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

After centuries of rule by foreigners inflicting insult and injury to the common man of this great nation, India woke up to freedom on 15th August 1957 due to tremendous struggle and extreme sacrifices by them under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and others. 26th January 1950 was celebrated as India’s first Republic day when the citizens of India, became owners and stakeholders of the Indian Union.

Indian constitution established representative type of democracy giving each individual power to elect his/her representative – trustee to manage the affairs of the nation. You are the chosen trustee of the people if India and the common man have great hopes from you to strengthen the democracy of India and ensure justice for them.

Decades after Independence, year 2005 brought a very special gift for the citizens of India by way of world’s best democratic Right to Information Act due to efforts and support of the Parliamentarians. Common man was given the power to check corruption, nepotism and favoritism that had engulfed bureaucracy. The nation began its march with new vigor and the golden era became visible. India started taking new strides in the path of corruption free administration where bureaucracy became accountable.

However reluctant bureaucracy, not used to be accountable have plotted to remove their restraints and are therefore pressing for removal of file notings from the ambit of the Act. This is a retrograde step that will take the nation back on the dark path of corruption and social injustice.

In this hour of grave national crisis, we the citizens of India appeal to your conscience and request you to block the controversial RTI Amendment Bill and refer the same to the Joint Parliamentary Committee for its critical review after obtaining views of the NAC, the mentor of the parent bill and inviting objections and suggestions from the citizens.

We have great hopes from you as our leader and trust you will protect democratic principals to place India on fast track of progress and prosperity with social justice.

“We the People of India”

“ramesh wasudeo” <rameshw@rediffmail.com>

mumbai tel : 022-2636 6251
: 022-5693 8776 faxfon
roaming    : 98690 12351


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