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Urgent Appeal for Contributions to Save Right to Information

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 14, 2006

Urgent Appeal for Contributions to Save Right to Information


Dear Friends,


The Parliament of India is scheduled to table amendments to the landmark Right to Information (RTI) act the week of August 14th. As we celebrate Independence Day, these amendments purport to significantly weaken the RTI law and take away most of the freedoms gained by the common people after 59 years of independence. (Additional background: http://rti.aidindia.org and www.thesouthasian.org).


There is an urgent need for all concerned citizens and NRIs to come forward and unite under a “NRIs Campaign to Save RTI”. This drive by concerned individuals stresses our endorsement of the advertisement efforts of the groups in India to oppose the amendments to RTI law. 


This is a 48-hour drive to collect funds to support advertisement campaign through newsprint and other mediums. Our target is to raise $25,000 through this drive. Your generous and timely donation will help make millions of people aware of their right and the proposed amendments being rushed through the parliament. Some Members of Parliament we have called are not aware of the proposed drastic changes and have not heard from their constituents.


To contribute to this drive please send your pledge by email to saverighttoinformation@gmail.com and include this information: Pledge amount, your name, location, email address and contact phone number. Please mail your check at the address listed below. Your contact information will be kept confidential and used only to collect your contribution.


Details of the “NRIs Campaign to Save RTI”:


Several groups in India including, National Campaign for Peoples’ Right to Information, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, Parivartan, Kabir, National Alliance for People’s Movement, and Asha Parivar have decided to issue a Nationwide appeal through an advertisement and awareness strategy exhorting people to contact their representatives in the parliament (Member of Parliament) and share their opinion on the proposed amendments. A referendum is being conducted throughout India.


As part of a coordinated strategy, newsprint advertisements in India are planned for early next week. Street side hoardings and advertisements on vehicles are also planned. Estimates for newspaper ad space range from $2000 for half-page in a regional daily to $20,000 for a half-page in a National daily. Ads on the vehicles such as auto-rickshaws cost $1000 and cover large part of a city. The groups in India will decide how best to use the funds collected.


Contribution Details:

Please note that your donation is not tax-deductible and the contributions should only be sent to the following address. Advertisement can immediately be purchased with your confirmation by email to saverighttoinformation@gmail.com that your check has been mailed – include your full name and amount of the check mailed in this email.


Name of the NGO collecting funds: Asha Trust

Make your check out to ‘Asha’ and mail it along with a cover note to:



Village: Bhandahan Kala,

Post :Kaithi

Varanasi-221116 (India)

Phone No ; 91-542-2618201,2618301.2618401, 9415256848

Email: ashakashi@gmail.com


To Wire the funds (for considerably faster delivery):

Please let us know at saverighttoinformation@gmail.com and we will forward you the detailed instructions for wiring your funds to Asha India account.


We plan to publish your name, location and pledge amount (no contact information) on a public website (thesouthasian.org). Let us know if you wish to donate anonymously instead.



These organizations listed below endorse the Right To Information act in its current form without amendments exempting file notings:


National Campaign for People’s Right to Information: Nikhil Dey

Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan:             Nikhil Dey

Parivartan:             Arvind Kejriwal


National Alliance for People’s Movement: Sandeep Pandey

Asha Parivar:             Sandeep Pandey

Association for India’s Development:             Satindar Mohan Bhagat

TheSouthAsian.org:      Sanat Mohanty

Asha for Education, DC Chapter            Sirish Agarwal

Asha for Education, LA Chapter             Vishal Kudchadkar 

Save the RTI Campaign


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