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SAIL employees protest proposed RTI changes

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 12, 2006

SAIL employees protest proposed RTI changes

NDTV Correspondent

Saturday, August 12, 2006 (New Delhi):


Right to Information (RTI) is hailed as one of the most effective weapons to combat corruption.

It has enabled ordinary Indians to get ration cards, pension and even water connections without having to pay bribes.

But now the government is set to bring amendments in Parliament which will effectively make the RTI powerless.

Campaigners of RTI say that the government has buckled under pressure of corrupt bureaucrats.

Showing support

But on Saturday, government babus themselves came out in support of the RTI.

Employees and officers of the Bhilai steel plant owned by the Steel authority of India, a government body, said in the capital that they did not want the government to make any changes in the RTI Act.

In fact they said that they have no problem with any of the existing provisions of the law which they say have allowed for transparency in the system.

The workers’ association will present their memorandum against changes in RTI to the Prime Minister as well.


One Response to “SAIL employees protest proposed RTI changes”

  1. bashajan said

    SAIL,a maharatna company is indulging in sliding its resposibilty in directing its branch units.VISL,BHADRVATI a BRANCH OF SAIL has created a unknown grade called EOPG which is not atall in SAIL.The personnel working in this grade are denied promotion and perks from last 10 years.they are treated neither as employees nor as executives.they have given basic and DA of E0 SCALE but no perks and PRP.numorous requests to SAIL management and VISL managements yeilded no results.

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