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Refund of deposit for non-service

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 11, 2006

Refund of deposit for non-service

Submitted by viswanthan vallanadu narayanan
I had registered for WLL telephone service on 26.02.2002 at Chennai. But for technical reason , BSNL-Chennai was unable to provide the service within the stipulated time schedule. As a result my deposit amount Rs 2400/ was with BSNL-Chennai without rendering me the WLL Phome service.

Therefore I had requested the BSNL-Chennai on 10.07.2003 to return my deposit amount of Rs 2400/ immediately along with interest thereto. The Account Officer (IMPACS ) advised the authorities to return my deposit amount along with interest on 26.11.2002. But since then I have not received my deposit amount and I thought that I cannot fight a big organisation like BSNL and get back my money.

However, the Right to Information Act 2005 came to my rescue and I understood that RTI is a collective empowerment force for ordinary citizens of India.

I wrote a simple letter under the provision of RTI to the PRO stating my long awaited request for refund of my deposit amount of Rs 2400// for not rendering the service for no fault of the customer on08.07.2006.

I had received a letter from the concerned authorities that my request has been processed and my deposit returned through SBI Cheque No: 566180 dated 19.07.2006. The BSNL-Chennai claims that the WLL connection came to attached to BSNL from IMPACS Section only on 01.08.2005.

I am satisifed for time being for getting back my deposit for not rendering a promised service. I must say that RTI is really working for the powerless and informed citizens of India.

I request anybody who are affected by unnecessary bureaucratic bottelnect to contact me for assitance in wiriting letter on the basis of relief under RTI Act 2005.

My mobile phone: 9444221560



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