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Jan Sampark centres also to cater to RTI applicants

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 11, 2006

Jan Sampark centres also to cater to RTI applicants


Senior UT officials told Newsline the Administration was looking into the possibility of submission of these applications at the Jan Sampark centres.

Officials said if the plan is approved residents no longer would have to go to various UT departments, which are scattered all over the city to deposit applications requesting information under the RTI.

Officials said the applications would be allowed to be submitted at the Jan Sampark centres and forwarded to the respective departments.

As per the plan, information seekers can check the status of their applications and these centres. Officials said the Administration was trying to make available the requested information supplied by the departments at these centres.

Officials said this facility would also enable the higher authorities to monitor the same online as the data regarding receipt of RTI applications will be captured electronically through these Jan Sampark Centres.

The Jan Sampark centres besides providing information would also work as grievance cells where residents can submit their written complaints against departments and their officials.

These complaints would be forwarded to the respective departments and complainants can get their replies at the same Jan Sampark centres. Officials said the problems of the residents would be solved and they would be intimated about it and if required action would be taken against guilty officials. Residents can get information about all the UT departments from these centres like phone numbers, procedures, rules, bylaws etc by paying just Rs 2.

Residents can also download various forms and get information about private establishments at these centres.

A total of 70 Jan Sampark centres would be opened in phases and according to IT Director M S Brar, initially the eight sampark centres would also function as Jan Sampark centres.

Brar said the Jan Sampark centres would be constructed and run on the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.

Spice Telecom has been allowed by the Administration to run 10 such Jan Sampark centres on BOT basis.

Gram Sampark centres in ut villages
The Administration has also identified sites in villages for setting up Gram Sampark Centres. The Gram Sampark Centres would be set up in all the UT villages and would provide the combined services of Sampark and Jan Sampark centres. These centres would also be run on the BOT basis.


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