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DU registrar may face rap over RTI

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 9, 2006

DU registrar may face rap over RTI
Sonia Sarkar
 8 Aug, 2006 0208hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK 

NEW DELHI: Like his counterpart in Jamia Hamdard University, the 
registrar of Delhi University A K Dubey may also face a penalty for denying 
information to a student under the Right to Information Act.

The registrar, who is also the public information officer (PIO), had 
failed to provide information to a student on the working of a canteen at 
south campus.

The application had been filed before him in December last year. Two 
months later, the student was informed that information on the canteen 
was not admissible under the RTI Act and was being denied. Interestingly, 
the conditions at the canteen improved drastically after filing of the 

"The canteen was in a bad shape, as there were no rate cards, no 
mechanism for quality checks and no proper sitting arrangements for students. 
I thought it was my right to know why it was in such a state.

So, I asked for the relevant information — the contractor's name, money 
spent on the maintenance of the canteen, as also the system of 

But the officials denied the information and I filed an appeal before 
the Central Information Commission in March," said Bibhav, a 
postgraduate student pursuing a diploma in journalism.

The PIO had earlier told the Commission that the information was sought 
on behalf of an institution called Kabir, an NGO where Bibhav was 

"However, we did not agree with the PIO's contention as the appellant 
had applied in his own name, and had only given the NGO's address for 
the purpose of correct delivery of post and the PIO was informed about 
the change of address," said O P Kejariwal, information commissioner.

"The information was supposed to be supplied or denied by January 12, 
within 30 days after the application was filed. But not only was the 
information denied, but even the reply was sent 38 days after the 
stipulated date.

So, we directed the PIO to supply the information sought by Bibhav 
within 15 days and report compliance within 21 days after we issued the 
letter on July 3," added Kejariwal.

Dubey did not turn up for the hearing on July 26, citing personal 
reasons. The case will now be heard on Friday. "We will hear him and then 
decide the case.

He may have to face a penalty for the delay in providing us with 
information as to why he denied a reply to the appellant. He would be charged 
Rs 250 per day for violating provisions under Section 7 of the RTI Act, 
starting from the day when we sent him the reply," said Kejariwal.

Bibhav, meanwhile, is happy that things have improved at the canteen. 
"A rate chart has been put up at every table and renovation work is also 
on. The RTI Act has served its purpose," he said.

Last week, the registrar of Jamia Hamdard University, Akhtar Majeed, 
was fined Rs 13,750 by the Central Information Commission for failing to 
explain why a non-teaching staff had been suspended.

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