Right to Information – Master key to good governance

Indefinite Dharna at Jantar Mantar from 7th August

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 6, 2006

Dear friends

Please find attached the invitation to the Anti Corruption Meeting 
being held in Delhi on the 10th and 11th of August2006 ( details attached). 
This meeting is also being held in conjunction with the Dharna starting on 
7th August at Jantar Mantar to protest against the amendments being 
proposed in the RTI.

We look foward to your participation and support

( for the mkss)

*Urgent call for action!!*


*Indefinite Dharna at Jantar Mantar from **7th August 2006***

* *

A series of activities is being planned to put pressure not to allow 
dilutions in the RTI act 2005. The activities include:


At Jantar Mantar from 7TH August 2006 with representation from as many
states as possible. The dharna will draw people from all walks of life
including Mazdoors, Kisans, Professionals, Students, Artists and people 
the administrative and political community who believe that real
transparency is essential for the running of our Democracy.

*PERFORMANCES by groups like *

§         Euphoria performance – 7th August , 2pm

§         Charul and Vinay of Loknad – 7th/8th August

§         Ghotala Rath Yatra – 8th August onwards

§         Hela party Rajasthan – 10th-12th August

§         Street play/Puppets/Masks performances – everyday

§         And others


§         On the Use of Right to Information**

§         Of Banners and Slogans**

§         Of Photographs and cartoons**

§         Art for Democracy**

*MEETINGS with members of Parliament *


* *

*REFERENDUM on the proposed amendments*

*SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN in support of saving **RTI***


* *

*SEMINARS and WORKSHOP, PUBLIC LECTURES on **RTI** **(many will be held 
conjunction with the Dharna)*

*"Fighting Corruption through the Peoples Right to Information-The 
Experience"* on August 10th and 11th at YMCA Jai Sing Road, New Delhi

*"Campaign to Save the Right to Information Act"*

Open call to all to come and join the campaign and contribute in any 
way to
save the RTI Act

*For more details contact : PARIVARTAN, G3/17, Sundar Nagri, **New 
*Invitation to a workshop on:*

*"Fighting Corruption Through the Peoples Right to Information- *

*The Indian Experience"*

* August 10th and 11th At YMCA Jai Sing Road , New Delhi*

*Dear Friends,*

*The International Initiative on Corruption and Governance (IICG) is a
network of groups working on issues of anti-corruption. The initiative
believes it is of crucial importance to  view people's efforts at 
corruption as "Peoples Initiative"   rather than as a management 
As a corollary to that, there is a need  to build a paradigm of 
Governance" to counter the World Bank model of "good governance".  *

The IICG have sought the support of several  Indian organizations and
platforms who have a focus on building a people's movement to fight
corruption . These include  NAPM, NCPRI, MKSS, Parivartan, Drive 
Bribe Campaign and several others. This meeting was to be held in 
with the local logistical support of the MKSS, but is being shifted to
Delhiso that it can be held in conjunction with the activities being
planned in
Delhi against the proposed amendments to the RTI Act. (Please see the
enclosed note). That is the main reason for the extremely short notice 
are getting for this meeting.

The meeting will now be held in Delhi at the YMCA Jai Sing Road on the
10thand 11
th of August 2006 beginning at 11 am on the 10 th of August. The MKSS 
taken responsibility to help formulate the agenda for the meeting, as 
as inform people and seek their participation.

* A tentative agenda*

The first day of the meeting will draw on experiences of groups 
corruption in various parts of the country through the use of   RTI.

*They will relate to :*

*1) Development and social sector programmes- (rations, wages, rural 
urban development programmes, etc) *

*2) Basic services- (water, electricity, health, education, transport,
police etc) *

*3) Corruption in policy formulation and governance (especially in the
context of globalization and economic liberalization) *

*The second day of the meeting will focus on the use of information
procured, to ensure accountability and action, and thereby work out  
of participatory governance. This will include experiences of using
administrative accountability, the criminal justice system, the courts
through PILs, social audit, and other methods of building public 
pressure so
that there is democratic accountability . *

*The last session will try and identify the areas where an 
alliance of peoples organizations needs to be built. This is as part of 
larger attempt to empower groups in various countries to counter the
arbitrary power of multi nationals and multi lateral financial 
like the World Bank, the IMF the ADB etc. We will try and focus on 
where these organizations fail to subscribe to ethical transparency 
in order to avoid issues of accountability.  *

*Given the shortage of time, we would request you to contact us on the
telephone at   :*

*Nikhil : 09414004180/09818782996*

*Priyanka :011-20580515/011-26866343*

*      *

*Or on email at: **mkssrajasthan@gmail.com* <mkssrajasthan@gmail.com>*

*Thanking you and in solidarity. *

*Nikhil  Dey and Chennaiah*

*For the organisers*

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