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Euphoria group to protest against proposed amendments to RTI Act

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 6, 2006

Euphoria group to protest against proposed amendments to RTI Act

Staff Reporter


Dharnas at Jantar Mantar from today till the end of Parliament session




NEW DELHI: The opposition to the proposed amendments to the Right to Information (RTI) Act is gathering momentum in the Capital with famous singer Palash Sen and his group Euphoria now deciding to hold dharnas and stage demonstrations at Jantar Mantar from Monday to August 25, the day when the current session of Parliament ends.

Being organised by Joint Operation for Social Help, the first-day of the protest will witness a musical performance by Euphoria, while many social activists will address the gathering.

The performance of Mr. Sen and his group will revolve around struggles and hardships faced by the common man and social activists fighting for their rights.

At a press conference here on Sunday, Mr. Sen expressed concern over the proposed amendments to the RTI Act which, he said, has become an important tool in the hands of the common man to get work done and seek justice.

Lauding all those who have joined the movement, the singer said he was with them and would continue to fight against any dilution of the law. “I will not only sing songs in praise of those who fought for this Act, but will also highlight the struggles of the common man,” he said, criticising the Government and political parties for undermining the rights of the common man. “By amending the RTI Act, the Government will take away powers from the common man that they had achieved after a long struggle. We will all continue our struggle till the proposal is scrapped,” he added.


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