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V.V.I.Ps in Government Of India backstabbing indian soldiers and RTI can help to get info

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 5, 2006

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From: naghrw

Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2006 8:39 PM

Subject: VVIPs in GOI back stabbing indian soldiers

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH’S – Weekly newspaper on web
Spreading the light of humanity & freedom

Editor : NAGARAJ.M.R.………VOL.2….Issue.20………29/07/2006

Editorial : V.V.I.Ps in Government Of India backstabbing indian soldiers
– An appeal to supreme commander of indian armed forces H.E.PRESIDENT
OF INDIA & request for information as per RTI Act

Our indian armed forces is one of the best professional forces in the
world. They are guarding our borders on 365*24*7 basis , enabling we
the common indian people to live in peace. Where as , the soldiers
themselves are facing lot of hardships ,they are far removed from
their homely comforts and working in very adverse , hostile environs.
The indian soldiers are sacrificing their comforts , lives for
guarding the lives of us –crores of indians. However , now it seems
the threat to the lives of brave indian soldiers are not from the
pakistani or chinese bullets , it is from their own indian brother’s.

In the recent past , a joint director of RAW – an intelligence agency
defected to USA , there were repeated thefts at defense HQ , war room
leak at naval HQ, the senior most naval officers were kicked out of
office for speaking out about illegal defense deals by higher-ups.
Recently, former union minister mr.jaswant singh has stated that , a
very highly placed person in the PMO was passing nuclear secrets to
USA. Just a few years back , former union minister mr. Subramaniam
swamy has stated that former prime minister rajiv gandhi’s family has
received money from foreign intelligence agencies. A former KGB
officer mitrokhin , in his autobiography has stated that smt.indira
gandhi , former prime minister of india herself was a KGB agent.

VVIPs occupying constitutional positions are privy to defense ,
national & economic secrets. They are in a sound position to decide
over it , to manipulate it. Some VVIPs , film stars were hobnobbing
openly with terrorist leaders , underworld dons & attending dawood
ibrahim’s parties , etc in gulf countries. Some VVIPs have even aided
terrorist outfits in other sovereign countries like LTTE in srilanka.

VVIPs strikes deals with arms dealers & awards them defense contracts.
As a result indian forces are flush with technologically obsolete
aeroplanes , war ships , artillery , etc bought by paying crores of

If any defense personnel questions these actions , he is
court-martialled & put behind bars. If any ordinary citizens questions
them , he is silenced through the brute force of police. Even election
commission of india , didn’t give information about criminal
antecedents of certain VVIP candidates tom an indian citizen on
request. The courts have suo motto powers to take action on news
reports , but they have not taken any even on appeal. The police don’t
take action against such VVIPs & are not even registering complaints
against them. Most public servants are only bothered about their
position , favours , post-retirement postings , etc. In their scope of
things , national security is nowhere on their mind or actions.

On the public side , the same VVIPs condemn terrorism & other foreign
countries. They deploy indian soldiers on the borders , terrorist
infected areas , to contain the mafia . they send our soldiers with
3rd class arms & ammunition , riding 3rd class aeroplanes , ships &
artillery to contain violence , as a result our soldiers get killed
like flees , like sitting ducks to be shot at, by enemies who are
armed with latest weapons. As a result more number of soldiers are
dying in plane crashes , terrorist bullets than to pakistani or
chinese bullets.

Hereby , HRW appeals to your excellency to protect our brave soldiers
, by making public the following information & providing that
information to HRW as per RTI Act on the following questions :

1. how GOI is monitoring VVIPs of foreign origin , those with spouses
of foreign origin & those with ties , links to foreign nationals ?
2. how GOI is monitoring the activities of VVIPs , while on foreign tour ?
3. how GOI is monitoring activities of ex-VVIPs ?
4. how transparent are defense contract / tender procedures ?
5. how you protect whistle blowers / defense personnel who expose
illegal defense deals ?
6. why don’t the Election Commission of India fully make public the
criminal antecedents of VVIP candidates ?
7. is former union minister mr.jaswanth singh’s words true ? what
action ?
8. is former union minister mr.subramaniam swamy’s words true ? what
action ?
9. did GOI aid & sponsor LTTE terrorists in srilanka ?
10. did GOI pay any compensation to victim’s of LTTE’s terrorism ?
11. are the charges made by former admiral mr.bhagawath & rear-admiral
mr. Arun true ? what action ?
12. how many MPs , MLAs , VVIPs have links with underworld , mafia &
terrorist outfits ?
13. how many film stars , sportsmen , politicians have attended the
parties hosted by dawood ibrahim & others in gulf & else where ? what
action ?
14. are the statements made by former KGB officer mr.mitrokhin true ?
what action ?
15. how you are ensuring the safety of whistleblowers ?

god save my country , our brave soldiers from traitors in the garb of

Your’s sincerely,

– An appeal to district magistrate , mysore

Mysore is witnessing a galloping boom in real estate prices. The
mafia elements have purchased lands in & around mysore , they are
successful in getting their agricultural/industrial lands converted
into residential / commercial lands. Some of them are even getting
government lands denotified & grabbing it. The authorities are
throwing to wind all norms in their greed for bribe , in total
disregard to ODP & basic civic amenities. This will make heritage city
mysore a hell worse than bangalore , totally lacking basic civic

In & around mysore , mafia elements have formed non-governmental
organisations , welfare trusts with the stated objective of public
welfare. There by , they have got preferential land allotments by govt
, tax exemptions , , etc & have formed educational institutions ,
hospitals & marriage halls. They are running the show like greedy
businessmen & collecting hefty fees from the public , they are least
bothered about public welfare & their sole objective profit making .
they are not even paying a single rupee of tax to govt , they don’t
have an iota of sympathy towards poor , downtrodden , sc/st people.
Then why should the government give so many benefits , concessions to
those illegal business ventures ?

HRW , hereby requests the honourable district magistrate of mysore to
take appropriate action about the above cases at the earliest.

Edited , printed , published & owned by NAGARAJ.M.R. @ # LIG-2 / 761 ,
……………………… cell : 9341820313
home page : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/naghrw ,
contact : naghrw@yahoo.com, nagarajhrw@hotmail.com



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