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RTI impact: Registrar faces fine

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 5, 2006

RTI impact: Registrar faces fine
Sonia Sarkar
[ 4 Aug, 2006 0227hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]


NEW DELHI: Not even educational institutions have been able to escape the clutches of the Right to Information Act (RTI).

The Central Information Commission (CIC) has imposed a penalty of Rs 13,750 on the registrar of Jamia Hamdard University, Akhtar Majeed, for denying information to one Asgar Khan.

Khan wanted to know the name of the public information officer (PIO) in the varsity and the prescribed proforma for seeking information from the university about the reasons for terminating the services of a non-teaching staff member.

“The penalty has been imposed on Majeed as the commission found that no PIO was appointed even after we asked the registrar to do so.

He denied information to Khan who wanted to know the reasons for terminating the services of Izhar-ul-Hasan who worked as junior assistant in the department of social work in the university,” says O P Kejariwal, information commissioner, CIC who dealt with the case.

Khan — state president of All India Minority Sadbhavna Congress — filed a complaint with the commission in February.
Responding to it, the latter wrote to the university officials drawing their attention to the provisions of the RTI Act and directed them to appoint a PIO.

Not receiving the reply, the commission fixed a hearing on the matter on June 26. “We asked the registrar whether the university had appointed a PIO as per section 5(1) of the RTI Act which states that within 100 days of the enactment, every public authority would designate CPIOs or SPIOs in all administrative units or offices to provide information to people requesting for it under the Act.

The registrar did not reply to this but maintained that as per the memorandum of association (MOA) and rules and regulations of the university, the registrar is competent to give reply or information on behalf of the university,” said Kejariwal.

He further said: “When asked whether he had given this information to the complainant who asked for the name of CPIO, he had no answer.

Finally, we directed him to comply with the provisions of sections 4 and 5(1) of the RTI Act and explain the reasons as to why penal action under section 20 should not be taken against him.

He was asked to explain this within 21 days after the issue of the order on July 3 but the registrar did not appear on the next hearing on July 24 and did not reply either.

He added: “So, we have asked the vice-chancellor S Ahmad to recover the penalty from the salary of Majeed and remit the amount to the commission as the minimum delay of 55 days occurred to deal with the case.”

4 Responses to “RTI impact: Registrar faces fine”

  1. Boris Paul said

    People should show perseverance and proceed further under RTI Act, so that these erring officials are booked! These Orders of the Commission will definitely be an eye opener to several officials who have a poor insight about RTI Act.

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  3. mrs jaisree girish said

    I am very happy with the rti , we have solved the issue of medical reimbursement of xerox medical billof 1,08,000
    the issue was very critical. The dept lost the original bills .so after coming to rti we could solve the issue. Dmho and dmhs koti and pay and accounts office cooperated to us . I thank mrs viyaya nirmala commissioner, rti hyd. For solving our issue.

  4. mrs jaisree girish said

    For not furnishing informaion , pio, appeellate officers and apio also should be taken into task. There should be some sever punishments even for the appellate officres. If they give green signal, registrar will act, if reg ay yes and apio will act. Each one throws the responsibility on others. Unless they are made accountable the universities will be playing foul games.

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