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propose indefinte fast

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 5, 2006

———- Forwarded message ———-
> From: asha <ashaashram@yahoo.com>
> Date: 04-Aug-2006 07:00
> Subject: propose indefinte fast
> dear friends,
> i have been contemplating beginning an indefinite fast to protest against
> the cabinet decision to exclude file notings and other things from the RTI
> Act for a few days now. because of the decision to table the draft of the
> amendment in the parliament sooner than later now it has created a situation
> of urgency.

i feel the time has come for taking this difficult decision and
> i feel that i can contribute most strongly in building pressure on the
> government by undertaking this action.

i’m reaching delhi on 5th morning and
> would like to begin my fast from 6th august, 2006. of course, it would help
> if more people join. i’m posting this in advance to seek opinion of other
> people who feel equally agitated about this cabinet move and invite
> suggestions as to how we could make it a more effective protest.
> love, sandeep
> asha parivar
> A-893, Indira Nagar, Lucknow-226016
> telephone: 0522-2347365, mobile: 9415022772

3 Responses to “propose indefinte fast”

  1. ramesh wasudeo said

    dont. you may get some publicity but NO results. one has tobe a celebrity to be taken seriously. in mumbai azad maidan, there are 5-6 hunger strikers sitting on any day for diffrent causes. no one takes notice of. spare yourself some useless punishment.

    your fast will hardly stir the government. getting agitated is one thing but getting result is another.

    what i suggest is that you startbuilding a base in UP by touring extensively in villages and educate villagers to fight against corruption and govt apathy. most villagers will buy your arguments if you go to them as a common man seeking support for removal of poverty, injustice, scams, speed money, land mafia, police atrocity, ration mismanagement, aduteration, lack of health fcilities and rampant corruption.

    you will need 2-3 years to nuild rural base. you will then be feared by politicians and get recognition as power to recon with and media will give you support.

    once you are armed with stature and mass support, your hunger strike will carry weight. so dont be over sensitive. without base, you will be fighting a unilateral useless battle. please spare your self and diver your energies in devoping mass base.



  2. Premkrishna Sharma said

    You must be aware by now that Right to Information is a political issue.The present day political set up (as always but multiplied a million times)completely lacks the faculty of sensitivity.Political issues can and must be fought on the basis of collective mobilisation.We will be living in a fools paradise if we think that the issue of right to information can be fought in isolation without addressing the whole political system.If that perspective is clear and that is the purpose behind your step then go ahead.If not then I agree with Ramesh..Premkrishna Sharma


    Our Governmnent is so insensitive that they may not even care for indefinite hunger strike unless the persons involved are public figures like Anna hazare. We should adopt an alternative way of agitating othr than indefinite hunger strike.

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