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Outrage against attempts at crippling the Right to Know – GUJARAT

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 5, 2006

Outrage against attempts at crippling the Right to Know
On 13th August Gujarat to publicly cast protest votes

At a meeting called for by Mahiti Adhikar Gujarat Pahel at Kochrab Ashram, Paldi, on 5th August 2006 members, NGO’s, and eminent personalities attended.

Earlier in the day a delegation of the Pahel, called on the visiting CPI (M) Politburo Chief, Mr. Prakash Karat. During the meeting it demanded that as a constituent of the UPA, they oppose the proposed changes in the Act. Mr. Karat informed the delegation that their party is opposed to these changes. He further informed that their party is committed to ensure that the amendments are not tabled in on going session of parliament, and any decision to make any changes would be only after taking all members of the UPA in confidence and consultations with all stakeholders.

In the meeting of the Pahel, the recent UPA Cabinets decision to amend the Right to Information Act, 2005 was condemned and opposed in one voice. Moreover the plans and programs to be carried out in days to come were discussed.

With the right to know, citizens have been truly empowered for the first time since independence. The recently concluded at campaign conducted from Kochrab Ashram; ‘Drive again Bribe – with RTI’ saw thousands of citizens make the government accountable and attempted at reducing corruption. Following this nationwide campaign, the Union Cabinet has taken the decision to make changes, to keep file notings, examinations of public offices, and details of appointments etc. in the exempt category of the Act. This severely curtails the citizen’s democratic rights.

On 13th of August, 2006 from 4 pm to 8pm at Law Garden, Ahmedabad a public protest has been planned by organizing “Vote to Oppose”. Where it is envisaged that citizens in large numbers would turn up to vote their protest against the blatant attempt with tampering their right to know. These votes would be sent to the Speaker of Lok Sabha. On the same day, in Surendranagar, Jamnagar, along with other districts would conduct similar programmes. Simultaneously petitions would be sent in large numbers to the Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha Speaker, Chairperson of the UPA and other MP’s. These would be appeals asking them, as our elected representatives to protest, and block any changes to the Act.

To join in this campaign and or to know more, one can call on the RTI helpline –9924085000.


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