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Kejriwal: Fighting for Parivartan

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 4, 2006

Kejriwal: Fighting for Parivartan


Onkar Singh in New Delhi

August 03, 2006 18:53 IST
It is business as usual in Arvind Kejriwal’s organisation — Parivartan.

It was July 4, when Kejriwal got a call from the Ramon Magsaysay headquarters in Manila informing him that he had won the award but requested him to keep it to himself till it was officially announced.

In recognition to his activating India’s right-to-information movement at the grassroots, empowering the poorest of citizens to fight corruption by holding government answerable to the people, Kejriwal was named the awardee for emergent leadership.

The fact that he and his organization — Parivartan — are one of the winners of the Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2006 has not brought about a change in his personality.

When rediff.com called on him, Kejriwal was talking to social activist Anna Hazare on phone, chalking out the details of his visit scheduled for Thursday.

The former tax officer told rediff.com, “This award does not belong to me. It belongs to each and every person associated with Parivartan, which stresses upon transparency in public life. This award is for all those who are associated in removing corruption from public life.”

“We feel sad that while our efforts are being recognised internationally, our government is trying to put hurdles. I would like to appeal to the government to give one more year to Right to Information Act and strengthen it further,” Kejriwal added.

“Initially, we encouraged people to come to us. We handled their work with the concerned organisations. We realised that we were actually doing the job of the middleman. So we decided to do become facilitators and told people to use the Right to Information and get their jobs done without paying anything. At one point, we did a project with the Indian Express, then we had another called Ghoos Ko Ghoosa (Fist to bribe) with NDTV. Many people are now joining us in our fight against corruption,” he said.

Thirty eight-year-old Kejriwal hails from Hissar town in Haryana. After serving the Indian Revenue Service for eight years, he went on long leave in the year 2000 to concentrate on Parivartan. He resigned from the IRS few months back.


3 Responses to “Kejriwal: Fighting for Parivartan”

  1. BHARAT said

    When ever a Govt. Officer is selected to the higher post , he takes oath towards his sincerity to the govt. office that he will not have any interest in illegal activities – he will not have any business interests – If a person is working in a Govt. Deptt. and working sincerely and totally dedicated to
    his job, running his kitchen and other expenses via his salary only – i can guarantee he cannot buy a house during his life time – however, 90% of the senior Officers of the govt. have sprawling bungalows, farm houses, big kothis –
    It shows the difference between KEZRIWAL and other high officers. they must take lesson from this crusador then only the menace of corruption
    will be eliminated from the country and a smile will be seen on the face of a common man – which we are expecting right from the period when
    richer became reches and poorer became poorest

  2. jitender singh yadav said

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  3. hansram said

    I am very much sad that my cousin was murdered in broadaylight at the eve of rakhabandhan(02/08/12) at around 11 am in the morning .Even 4 people have involved this murder.Police arrested only 2 persons and still 2 persons who are the main culprits, are still outside.Even,they are threatening our family to take the case back from police.I met with IG,DIG and SSP about this case.But they did not do anything on this case.on this issue,please help me in this regards.

    Village – Bucha Nagla ,Thana -Alapur ,Vidhan Sabha Khetra- Tekhupur, district- Badaun

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