Right to Information – Master key to good governance


Posted by rtiact2005 on August 4, 2006



I appeal to all the Hon’ble Members of Parliament to rise above the Party lines and oppose the passage of the amendment to RTI Act 2005.

The freedom of information helps you, your voter, and the citizens to make the “Babu” the   bureaucrat a true public servant. If he knows what he records as noting on file can be known, worst made a photo copy of he would hesitate a bit  in his perceived  role of the Mai Baap,  Sarkar and the demi God.

Today you are in the Parliament , tomorrow you may be like the ordinary citizen (God Forbid) and may like to know who, what, when, where, why by demanding the information without paying the Currency Note as the bribe or the grease money. Sir/ Madam, it would be possible if there is no passage to the amendments in the RTI.

The File notings are important in the process stage as well. Why should the Babus be afraid of letting it be disclosed if there is no unusual delay, no motive to hold the file and no motivated pressures to help or harm or kill on the file as the Babus call it. I narrate a true story which is true.

One of the XYZ approached an APS to the Minister for the transfer of his wife- a school teacher. The APS wanted Rs 15000/- to get her to Delhi from Timbuktu. Deal done. APS advised to XYZ put a representation on plain paper and give it to me. The APS put that on file and in the File a Note was written to the effect that the transfer be done.

All the Ministers, senior officers, officers in charge do is just sign or initial on the File noting- rest is for the Babu in the hierarchy. In this case Minister’s signatures were obtained. The APS wanted Rs 15000/- now.

He showed the file noting to XYZ who wondered how it could happen as fast as he had been running from pillar to the post for a long. So ZYZ   said where is the approval of the Minister. The Babu said wait. He went inside- typed from his typewriter Approved. Showed it to XYZ.

XYZ said please let the orders reach down. APS said that was not the deal. After arguments the APS thought it was not worth the effort and the XYZ thought the transfer would be done.

APS on the file noting Prefixed NOT APPROVED and sent the file in the section. Wife being away to a distant place. XYZ repented. Approached the APS once again. APS said he did not have the file. XYZ begged. APS said go get the file from the section. XYZ paid Rs500/- to the Babu in the section to bring by hand the file to the APS. XYZ waited for whole day. APS wanted Rs 15000/- plus demurrages. XYZ said he had Rs 15000/- but nothing more not even money to reach home. Walk down or hire auto pay at home but demurrage is must.

XYZ had cheque book in his Brief case. APS said give a Self Cheque. XYZ did. The APS went inside, came out and said take a copy of the File noting it will help you the Minister has approved. The APS had added an E to the NOT APPROVED so it read NOTE APPROVED.

Kindly do not be a party to the passage of amendment to the RTI Act. It amounts to the Foetus kill of the Right to information.

“sushil kumar” <drsushilkumar@yahoo.com>


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