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Pesticide issue dominates Lok Sabha – RTI helps

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 3, 2006

Pesticide issue dominates Lok Sabha

NDTV Correspondent



Stringent norms needed

Three years ago, after the first such expose, when the CSE found pesticides in colas, the JPC Committee was constituted to look into their findings.

The JPC had not only validated the CSE report but had also asked for stringent standards to be set for carbonated beverages.

Three years and 20 meetings later, new standards are yet to be notified.

In April this year, the BIS website said that new norms had been finalised but not notified. However, by June, the notice had disappeared.

Without proper notification, cola companies can hide behind old quality norms. Therefore, the delay in notification has raised several questions.

The CSE now hopes that this study will force the Health Ministry to notify the finalised standards and force soft drink companies to adhere to public health safety norms.

In fact, they have even filed an application under the RTI Act to gain information on the various BIS meetings to find out the reason for the delay in notifying the standards.

On his part, Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss said that coming out with norms for soft drinks takes time.


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