Right to Information – Master key to good governance


Posted by rtiact2005 on August 3, 2006

NDTV has launched a simple but effective campaign: NO RTI, NO VOTE

Please sign the Petitions to the PresidentSonia Gandhi, Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition available at:


Fight for RTI: No Amendments

It could be your last chance to save the Right to Information Act. On Friday, Parliament will begin the effort to amend the RTI Act.

The changes suggested will leave the Act crippled and rob you of one of your most powerful tools to fight corruption.

The Right to Information Act, in its original form, stands for everything that’s best about India as a democracy. Fight for it


Click here to lodge your protest:



  • Petition to the President
  • Petition to Sonia Gandhi
  • Petition to the Prime Minister
  • Petition to the Leader of Opposition

    So if your MP votes to amend the Right to Information Act, he or she has you to answer to in the next election. NDTV.com will make details available of what your MP chose to do.

    Contact details:

    Website: http://www.righttoinformation.org
    Postal address: RTI, Post Bag No 9201, Delhi-92

  • 44 Responses to “NO RTI, NO VOTE :: NDTV RTI Campaign”

    1. spnedumaran said

      no RTI no VOTE

    2. spnedumaran said


    3. Shailesh Sharma said

      democracy will be strong and initial fight against corruption

    4. Sarla Sharma said

      RTI IS VERY MUCH MUST IN DEMOCRACY LIKE INDIA, We seek transperancy & ethic in govt operation administration & under RTI these officer could be easily made accountable & responsible.


    5. Even the 18th century English poet, Charles Churchill [1731-1764], in his book titled “Gotham” , had fearlessly written in favor of ‘right to information’. He had expressed his views poetically as follows :


      The above poetical call still holds ‘heavy water’.

    6. SHARAD KUMAR said

      we request to our president and primeminister immidiate stop corruption to all govt. and non govt. roganisation from top to bottom

    7. Dr.Manas Pandey said

      Need to take serious note that RTI should not be used as a tool for corruption and blackmailing.


      corruption was main threat for us other then terrorism

    9. haridas mandal said

      you must provide info in respect to deletion/ammendments that are being brought to RTI Act and their stand supporting the amendment. RTI Act due to contradictory judgements by the CIC/ICs especially on exemption under Rule 8 is almost finished.
      rtiindia has further derailed the power of the Act simply by covert moderation detrimental to the success of RTI Act.
      All we need to delete Rule 8 from the Act. In essence none is exemped from disclosure and must be provided without prejudice.In case the bura cats ( bureaucrats ) / other custodian feels info is sensitive and may be kept confidential , it is he , the custodian must appeal to CIC/ICs for exemption and all within thae stipulated time period.CIC/IC on the other hand must keep exemption to the barest minimum.
      Another about RTI Act loosing it’s sheen is the mode of payment. Post offices delegated the auth to admit the application duly paid at the post office itself.It will duty of the post offices to ensure it’s delivery to the addressee.

      • dillip mohapatra said

        You are absolutely correct,the section-8 must be deleted and should be clearly mentioned which are not to be disclosed.due to section-8 many PIO are not giving information.One would be harassed and will decide to stay away from information.
        APPEALING period should be mentioned clearly,either from receiving date or issuing date.

    10. haridas mandal said

      Why President , PM , Sonia or leader of the opposition ? Why not a PIL to Mr Chief Justice of India ? NDTV finds it difficult petitioning to a Dalit ?

    11. v,r.sharma said

      how election is being financed will anybody be kind enough to tell me.will it be possiable to a person living below poverty line to contesrt any election.when we are not in a position to contest any election what is the meaning of democracy to us.when i was a child we were in a postion to touch /touch feets of our leaders.now all they are behind black cammondos.even now we donot receive reply from vips.long back all offices were acknowledgeing all letters

    12. Samarpan said

      Lets use RTI as this shall make it more relevant and us and the nation stronger

    13. Narain Dass said

      RTI essential in every democratic contry like india, Lets use RTI to make it more relevant and us and to make nation stronger We seek transperancy & ethic in govt operation administration & under RTI these officer could be easily made accountable & responsible and if found guilty can be punished.

    14. johny said

      rti is the best.but jab tak ye system change nahi hoga tab tak kisi right ka koi fayeda janta ko nahi hoga.

    15. dheeraj kumar said

      Make nation stronger We seek transperancy & ethic in govt administration and under RTI these officer could be easily made accountable and responsible and if found guilty can be punished.but some officer give the wrong info. and also harass the person if he want to know the info.about the department where he work . there are so many e.g. so make the rti too much strong.

    16. arif iqbal said

      I hubmly submit that rti is a truly guide to our democracy, being a largest democracy in world, even more such acts, laws and statues must be enacted to believe in justice by a common man.


    17. Yadvender Singh said

      politico- bureaucratic setup is not feeling comfortable with RTI act.This is best thing happened to India since independence.In most cases of corruption politicans and beaurocrats are involved and they try to save each other.I had to run from pillar to post to obtain several documents pertaining to corruption in D.C.office Kullu under RTI act but was denied on several occassions and no acton was taken against responsible officials by the state information commissioner because they were shielding their fellow I.A.S coleague.Yadvender Singh,Kullu,H.P.175101

    18. ajay mittal said

      Rti form the basis of our democracy.it brings the requisite transparency in the system.aboloshing or amending it in any way wuld put back the country again in vicious cicle of corrpution and would be counter productive for develpoment

    19. Ramesh said

      RTI needs to be more effective.

      Since 2006 till date I have filed 10s of applications under RTI to LDA/Lucknow and DRM/GM/N RLY and Ry Bd, but could not get correct and proper reply. Thanks to the corrupt officials/IC. Despite the fact that there is provision for penalty if the info does not come in 30 days, but it was never imposed for delay of years against LDA/Lucknow, while Rlys always gave evasive or incorrect replies.


      I have not received any reply to My RTI Compliant dated 7-10-08 to CIC, to know status of My Proposal dated 19-12-10987 to Late Prime Minster Shri Rajivji Gandhi , regarding “Decentralisation of Administrative System In India” .The proposal was widely discussed , forwarded to various Government Departments and later became the Part and parcel of Panchayat Raj and Nagarpalika Bill in the 1994.

      This I need to bring the exact proposal before the Electronic Media , what I intend to suggest and what it is after 20 years and in most respectful way .

      Right to information is an important Tool in the hand of People of India , to know the deed and misdeed of our Elected representative, Political leaders, Government Servants, and persons occupying responsible positions.

      To curb , the Right to Information, is miserable and dishonest move to face the situation which they have promised to People of India , in general to AAM ADAMI, good governance and Transparent Government.

      Take very interesting point that, out of 720 million eligible voters, only 390 million have exercised their right.

      330 million people out of 720 million people have “NO FAITH” in Democratic process.

      Any further move to curb ,power of People will only result in to throwing you and your established Democratic system elected by “few” AAM ADAMI.


    21. Sukhdev Narang said

      Besides the modes of money order , IPO ,stamps and bank DD for making payment of rti applicatin fee ,RTI should be made more relevant by providing the provision and option of depositing the rti application fee via internet and via onlinsbi so that the fee concerned be given from the comfort of home in view of onlinesbi service etc.I have been requesting to the most of authorities related with rti but they say that there is no provision of sending the fee via internet and in view of this my applications related with rti are lying pending.
      Besides above ,
      the email addresses of each M.L.A.s of states assemblies and each M.P.s of the Parliament and all the officers of all the departments of states and officers of centre government and the state cabinets and the centre cabinet sbould be displayed on the internet for the benefit of the public in general.
      The amendment concerned should be opposed with all our might and let there be filled PIL in the Honourable Supreme Court of India.
      And let the act of official not obeying the rules of the rti Act be made the offence under relevant sections of IPC so that the rti act may become more relevant and useful to the gerneral public.

    22. Madhukar Deshpande said

      RTI acts need more teeth.My experience with the MPL corporation has been dismal.The authorities are conditioned in not responding to any of the citizens complaints. This they follow even in respect of RTI .I experienced two facts . many of the senior officers do not have correct knowledge of the act . secondly they avoid giving information within the stipulated time. and no one is there in the corporation to impose fine for non compliance .

      eg. the clerck in the office refuses to receive the application under RTI if the boss to whom the letter is addressed is not present.Even in case of the first application, the applicant is asked to go to the appelate authority.

      The addressee does not give you all the information asked. He would bluntly tell you that this information does not come under RTI act and hence cannot be given. Even after quoting the act and asking for the xerox copy of the noting complainant does not get the necessary information.This requires approaching the Appelate authority . This means additional Rs 20 to be spent. Authorities seems to be under the impression that applicant will not follow.

      In one case- a classic one and perhaps the only in whole of country, where I was interested in knowing the decision taken by the Commissioner I just could not get the reply even under RTI. Then I send the letter to the appelate authority I was told the there was no Appelate authority.When I contacted PR officer he asked me to send the application to him.When the application was sent to him he directed to give it to one officer . The officer concerned when approached said that it refers to another authority.Finally I approached the PA to the commissioner who referred thatletter to the fifth officer . when I contacted the fifth after nearly 40 days ,he bluntly said that such a letter never came to him. After some appeal he directed me to the sixth person who he thought would be dealing with the letter.When I contacted the sixth person who initially said that he has not seen any such a letter,accepted that he did see such a letter and would let me know the decision. It is nearly seven months I have been waiting for his response.Finally I gave this entire history to the RTI commissioner,s office in January 2009.requesting them to help me. There after I reminded the office twice Even after four months RTI commissioner’s office did not take any action.Funniest part is that the case started in the month of Feb 2008 and today it remains unreplied. In this process I have already spent Rs 60/=

      There are four such cases lying with the corporation where the authorities are avoiding the issue and No on is there who will take action.The RTI act stipulates Rs 250/=per day for delay. I do not find any one who will impose such fine on the defaulters

      Even though I will like to chase them I some times feel completely lost and do not know how much to spend and for how long.

      Now the govt is thinking of increasing the fees for the applicant. I read that the applicant will have ot pay the fees equivalent to the salary of the officer who is involved in the case. This will kill the RTI act . Citizens now has to fight gaist this proposed change

    23. K.M.Mohammed Coimbatore said

      I have been asking The Tamilnadu revenue department for orders relating to construction of religious places of worship in the state (esp. in cantonments). Corresponding since Mar 2008. No convincing reply from local revenue authorities. Also reported to State Information commissioner in Sep 2008. NO REPLY TILL DATE.
      This is the state of RTI. Whom to approach?

    24. Naseeb Rehman said

      The vital tool in the hands of innocent people, labours and peasants of democratic republic of India for their safeguard is being turmoiled by the greedy politicians & beurocrats to serve their means.

    25. haridas mandal said

      Dear editor ( i find no reason address him as SIR etc , He is equally an overpaid employee )
      I am of the view NDTV be restrined and not be allowed to present award to any RTI activist now. It is too soon and for too little.
      The officials must be told to provide info or be booked . Sec 8 must be totally abolished. I case the applicant is asking for some sensitive info ( which is already known to USA and many other countries )and he is convinced that the info shall not be made public in any way ,He may refer the matter to CIC within the stipulated time period.


    27. bharat said

      no rti no vote……………..keepin in mind t level o curruption we see in india,it s a need o hour,it s a last hope for us indians to fight against evil…..

      jai hind

    28. pravin said

      Awesome… no rti no vote as simple as it gets…

    29. NK SHARMA said

      RTI should be made more powerful.The officers refuse to give information or give vague/false information should be punished.The department which discourages should be heavily fined.

    30. Bhupinder singh said

      R.T.I act. must be protected by tooth and nail

    31. A.K.Sharma said

      Dear Sir,

      After a long time general public could get any tool to know the fact.

      So RTI must cover all the offices who are getting salaries from direct/indirect Govt. Of India.

      If any body will oppose we must come on road to fight against them.


      Be unite.


    32. Dear sir rti should be mo powerfull i have sought out 5 case with rti , if this law could not be implified then i could not complete
      my problem

    33. R.B.L.Nigam said

      Right to information is an important Tool in the hand of People of India , to know the deed and misdeed of our Elected representative, Political leaders, Government Servants, and persons occupying responsible positions. In many cases it seen that in many cases the concerned depts under one act or the other try to avoid to give the right information to the affected person, why?

    34. R.B.L.Nigam said

      RTI should be made more powerful.The officers,who refuse to give information or provide false,fabricated and twisted information should be punished and black listed them. Their annual increments and promotions be stopped forever and the department which discourages should be heavily fined.

    35. chandan kumar chandan said

      RTI law should be amended so that it can be made more powerful and effective.The government officials,who refuse to give information or provide false,fabricated information should be punished and their promotions as well as increments should be withheld. Moreover the information comissioner in CIC and other state information comission should also be made responsible and they should also be held responsible and accountability should be there.

    36. ankita prasad said

      remember no rti no vote,,, rti is a pivotal tool 4 a smooth democracy of ur country

    37. haridas said

      Dear Sir
      I applied to controller of defence accounts to provide me the following info against my application under rti act 2005 :–
      a) under what exact auth CDA staff/Est are running 38 URCs ( unit run canteens )and selling goods to civilian employees ?
      b ) What is the profit accrued from those 38 URCs?
      c ) How the profit distributed and how ?
      Till date i have recd the info requested.

    38. This is the right way to stop corruption to some extent. Madam Sonia Gandhi and PM S. Manmohan Singh has taken a good step to approve the long pending RTI Act.with a motive to transparency in Govt. work. But the Information seeker did not know which papers will be supplied, for which he has paid huge amount and on receipt of papers it comes to know only polished paper supplied instead of relevant papers of information. I personally of the opinion NO RTI NO VOTE, Political parties may choose right candidates who support the transparent Govt. instead of counting of heads. Thanks

    39. ashok hiranand said

      we have to keep some room for terror , government is making fool to the media
      and media is making fool to whole India .let us know if any body wants to get rid of it , is possible practically with the help of meta science .ashok hiranand 9324041669

    40. RTI act is not so effective, as it is publicized, I made a application to supt.Engineer, Maharashtra State Electricity distribution Co. Ltd on October 1, 2009, but since there was no reply from them, then wrote to State Chief Information Commissioner on 9.2.2010, but he is equally mum and as on date we have no reply from any one. Now where to apply.

    41. ts Chauhan said

      Fight for the Unit Run Canteen by Haridas Mandal is appreciated. I have asked some information under RTI with regards to Unit Run Canteen, which were denied by the Ministry of Defence. In their answer the Unit Run Canteen are not govt department and run as private by three services , hence not covered RTI. In the light of CAG’s audit report submitted in the parliament on 13 Sep 2010, it is a govt department funded by the consolidated fund of India, than why not the informations provided in respect of the Unit run canteen under RTI ? TS Chauhan, Ex Secy Gen. AIDCCEU

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