Right to Information – Master key to good governance

Mutilation of RTI

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 3, 2006

The Tentative proposed amendments to the RTI Act are most probably as per the attached file.
The PMs letter to Anna Hazare is also a clear misrepresentation.
The PM is uninformed since he writes to Anna that ‘ File notings were never covered in the definition of information
in the RTI Act. He also further states that the amendments expand the scope of the Act.
Earlier there were 10 exemptions under Section 8 of the Act.
The proposed amendments modify two of them and for good measure add three more!-and this is done in the name of promoting greater transparency and accountability in the Government. This is a move to convernt the Right To Information act into Right To Denial of Information Act.
Some Telugu Desam MPs have already voiced their opposition to any changes in the Act.
Apart from these opacifying amendments, they propose to modify the definition of information under Section 2 to specifically exempt ‘File notings’.
At the end there are some cosmetic changes proposed in Section 18 of the Act which are mere pompous pronouncements of intent.
It is time for all Citizens to oppose this duplicity of the Government.
Just imagine if the British in September 1947 had proposed that there will be a British Governor General for India!
The Country would have risen in revolt. Today the Government is hitting at an important ingredient of the Citizens new-found freedom from the arrogance and duplicity of their masters. Shall we allow them to do it, or raise a din so big that their eardrums shatter?
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