Right to Information – Master key to good governance

ACT NOW : India Needs Your Voice to be Heard.

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 3, 2006

Dear friends,

Do you remember being filled with pride when people praise India for being the largest functioning democracy in the world?

Do you remember hanging your head in shame when people ridicule India’s reputation as one of the most corrupt nations?

If you answered yes to one or both of the above questions, then you should ACT NOW.

India Needs Your Voice to be Heard.

Why, What is Wrong?

A landmark and progressive Right to Information (RTI) Act, passed by the Indian parliament in October 2005, had ushered in a new hope for a nation under siege by the corrupt public officials. The enthusiastic use of the RTI Act by the citizenry to reveal scores of illegal dealings by the public authorities, promised the beginning of an era of true participatory democracy.

This campaign sent shivers down the spine of the corrupt bureaucracy and the government of India wilted under their pressure. In an arbitrary manner, the government introduced an amendment on July 20, 2006, that would exempt “file-notings” from the purview of the act – which means that the identity of the guilty officials will remain concealed under the garb of secrecy. This move dashes any hopes of accountability and transparency in the functioning of the government, thus allowing corruption to thrive unchecked.

So What is Happening in India?
This retrograde action has met with resistance across the country with RTI crusaders like Aruna Roy (Magsaysay award winner, 2000), Anna Hazare (Padma Bhushan, 1992), Arvind Kejriwal (Magsaysay award winner, 2006) leading the fight to save an important and potent tool against corruption.

The fight back has opened a new front –
Save the Right to Information Campaignhttp://rti.aidindia.org.

We are calling on all those who want the emergence of an empowered, democratic, strong India, free from the shackles of corruption. We need to raise our voices – ONE UNITED VOICE – calling for the landmark RTI Act to be left as is.

How Can I Help?

Here is how you too can help save our fundamental Right to Information:

  • Sending a FREE FAX to the Prime Minister, opposing the proposed amendments.
  • Signing the Save RTI petition addressed to the Prime Minister.
  • Emailing and calling the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Personnel (the govt dept in change of the RTI Act).
  • Calling the Indian Embassy and Consulates in the US asking our concerns to be conveyed to the PMO.
  • Writing letters to the editors, strongly opposing the amendments.
  • Endorsing a letter to the Prime Minister on behalf of the association, group or network you are part of.

Please forward this email far and wide, encouraging all your friends, family and colleagues to ACT NOW


One Response to “ACT NOW : India Needs Your Voice to be Heard.”

  1. Vipul Gupta said

    Yes, RTI ACT should be amended in order to incorporate more provisions leading to greater transparency of public decisions and NOT TO delete notings from the purview of the RTI ACT. This will breed corruption, chaos and unrest among the massess of the country. People have benefitted a lot from this Act due to its stringent and clear provisions. Any attempt to create ambiguity in the Act will lead to disruption of the Fundamental principle of framing the Act.

    The Government should endeavour to provide true and fair justice to the people of India and not to took away any provisions from the ACT which is against the good conscience and equity.

    The Act is in consonance with the true spirit and soul of India which is the largest democratic country in the whole world.

    Vipul Gupta

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