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State Government RTIs through Post Office

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 2, 2006

Where submitting an RTI to a State Government Public Authority is difficult or inconvenient, then the best route would be to submit “through Post Office” direct to the Governor of the State concerned. 10/- through UCR at the Post Office, that’s it. Or if that’s not feasible, then to the PMO. There is a CIC judgement on this in the Aruna Roy life&liberty case in April’06 on the Narmada Valley RTI which clarifies using the route of applying through PMO or other “super” PIOs.

Or convince the APIO/Post Office to accept the RTI Application and do a transfer under 6(3).

As I said, till “they” don’t make it easier to submit RTI Applications, “we” shall use every trick in the book to do so legally by any means, and if that means making the PIos at PMO or Governor into “super” PIOs, then so be it.

(This in response to a query from Rajesh Darak)

“Malik, Veeresh” <veereshmalik@gmail.com>


3 Responses to “State Government RTIs through Post Office”


    In Karnataka we are unable file RTI applications relating to departments of Central Government. In Bangalore only three Post Offices are designated and they are also not aware of the procedure. We are unable to get required information from the Central Government due to various decisions of Central Information Commission which are only in favour of PIOs. Another factor is we are unable to present our case personally before the CICommission due to distance factor. It is high time that we should bring pressure on the Government to set up Central Information Commission bench at Bangalore for the convenience of the general public.


    I am a retired teacher of Govt. of Jharkhand, dist. of Bokaro. At present I am residing at KOLKATA. Six months have been passed , nither pension and other benefit of retirement still not given to me nor any information. I want to sent application (RTI act) through POST OFFICE. How can I sent it? Please write me COMPLETE PROCESS.

  3. jamil ansari said

    What is the present name & address of state information officer (commissioner) Jharkhand ?

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