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PM letter to Anna Hazare on RTI

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 2, 2006

New Delhi
July 27, 2006

Dear Shri Hazare,
1 have received your letter of 26 July regarding the proposed amendments to
the Right to Information Act.

The RTI Act is one of the most progressive acts brought into place by our
Government to promote transparency and accountabiiit in governance at all
levels. In fact, this Act go far beyond the pr in the Freedom of Information
Act which was passed by the previous Government.

File notings were never covered in the definition of ‘information’ in the
RTI Act passed by Parliament. In fact, the amendments being currently
proposed expand the scope of the Act to specifically include file notings
relating to development and social issues. The overall effort is to promote
even greater transparency and accountability in our decision making process.
I am enclosing a note which explains in detail the nature of amendments
being proposed to the Act. I hope this will clarify all doubts that may be
there in this regard.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Manmohan Singh )

Shri Anna Hazare
Ralegan Sidhi
Taluka Parnar
District Ahinednagar
Maharashtra-414 302
Encl: As above


4 Responses to “PM letter to Anna Hazare on RTI”

  1. rtiact2005 said

    On 01/08/06, shailesh Gandhi wrote:
    > I am sorry, but I feel the PM is misinformed. The note states that the
    > amendments make some notings available, whereas, we are all aware that all
    > file notings except those covered by exemptions were already available.
    > The interpretation of the law was to this effect by the CIC. A few months
    > back also a similar effort was made to obfuscate the the issue, and now the
    > Cabinet is determined to push this dilution of RTI in the garb of increasing
    > ‘transparency and accountability’. It is now upto Citizens to oppose this,
    > and let us pray that the Citizens for once can succeed in defending their
    > Right. At the least, if transparency was their true concern, there could
    > have been a round of consultations with RTI activists.
    > It is unfortunate, but with our limited resources, we are on an opposite
    > side with our own Government in defending the principle of transparency.
    > Love
    > shailesh

  2. Dhirendra Krishna said

    File notings are covered by the defination of information in the RTI Act.

    It is surprising the Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, is not correctly informed.


    It is a conspiracy by the corrupt beaurocrats who are occupying the important positions in the Central Secretariat. Infact the government in run by these corrupt beaurocrats and the politicians are only the pawns in their hands. The Central Information Commission is another biggest hurdle in implementation of the Act. The Act is very clear about the information available to the citizens. But CIC is misintrepreting the Act and blocking the legitimate information due to the citizens.

  4. sudarshan goala said

    The Right to information Act. is a right move in the right direction, It has redefined the relatation between the govt. and the citizen . It has started a new area.a new kind of democracy, from representative democracy to particaptry one. now each and every day people can interfare & participate in the functioning of the Govt.

    But the proposed amd. will really bring out the sole from the act.so, our Honourable PM needs to think on it. otherwise be prepare to face the consequence in the next election.
    Hope the govt will take the matter seriously.

    sudarshan goala
    Centre For Information,Education & development Action.(CIEDA)

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