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RTI to cover file notings, says Hazare

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 1, 2006

RTI to cover file notings, says Hazare
Satisfied with Central Government decision, now trains guns on State. Govt.


Pune, July 31

MOMENTS after he drove down from Ralegan Siddhi to attend a function in Pimpri-Chinchwad, social activist Anna Hazare broke into a big smile to announce that the Central Government has accepted his suggestion for including ‘file notings’ in the Right to Information Act.

“My office in Pune has received a fax message from the PMO a few days ago. I received a copy of the message just now,” Hazare told The Indian Express. Waving the copy of the PMO’s message, Hazare said since the government has accepted his suggestion and promised to carry out the necessary amendment, he has decided to reconsider his decision to return the Padma Bhushan, “I am satisfied with the government decision and will not return the Padma Bhushan,” he said

Hazare said during a meeting last week even President APJ Kalam had requested him not to return the Padma Bhushan. “ The President promised me that he will study my suggestion and will get back to me. He has even promised to visit Ralegaon Siddhi in October,” Hazare said.

He however rubbished the governments claim that “ under RTI Act, the definition of the word ‘information’ never included file notings,” Hazare said, “It was very much there, but the government was not ready to implement it in entirety.”

Hazare said once file noting become an integral part of the Act, all the confusion would disappear “Except on external affairs matter or matter subjudice, file notings information should be made available and we hope the government will include this in the current session as promised.

Hazare said Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh had not kept his word about appointing information commissioners. “ In last nine months, he has thrice promised me to appoint commissioners at divisional levels. But accept for appointing the Chief Information Commissioner, Deshmukh has failed to act,” he said.

3 Responses to “RTI to cover file notings, says Hazare”

  1. ramesh wasudeo said

    yes. so far only CIC judgement had defined file for purpose of information to include file notings. new amendment is also vague in defining social and developmental issues.

    only concerted efforts by all NGOs and RTI leaders to analyse issues and open dialogue with those who are in seat of power.


  2. Dhirendra Krishna said

    Defination of “Information” in Section 2(f) of the RTI Act includes “opinion” and “advise”. File notings are a part of “records”, which contain opinion and advise, rendered by officers at various levels.

    Therefore the law, as it stands, is quite clear. It can not be diluted unless the RTI Act is ammended by the Parliament.

    Such an amendment to RTI Act would change the defination of “information” and strike at the very root of the RTI Act. I hope that the Parliament and the President of India would not allow the law to be changed, in view of the mounting pressure from the public.

  3. rtiact2005 said

    The RTI would be a dead instrument without the note file coming under its ambit.

    The common man would not be empowered if the notefile is kept out of the purview of the RTI. It is as good as killing the spirit of and spirit behind the RTI !

    noting is an adjunct to the file

    extending transparency to notings could actually give cover to an official

    notefile should not be exempted from RTI Act 2005

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