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PM and CABINET Anti National ? Are they against Democracy ?

Posted by rtiact2005 on August 1, 2006

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Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 17:00:13 +0000 (UTC)

has any one ever thought why PM and cabinet are bringing in the
change?. are they anti national?. are they against democracy?. 

let us not discredit PM, sonia and cabinet with ulterior motives. there
has to be some reason for them to consider such option. 

conceliation is better than confrontation. few ppl writing mails on
internet will not make any dent in government system. we need to
understand problem and if need be, to start peoples movement and not mere
individual protests.

few dissatisfied bureaucrats who are superceded or transerred are
contacting me in the garb of whistle blowers to sort out their problems.
they also file cases in courts against their org and seek legal help for
personal gains.

RTI is empowering law to bring in transparency in public domain for
clean and accountable governance. individual cases have to be fought out
on their own. misuse of RTI is the reason why the govt is planning to
resist disclosures sunder and curb use of RTI file notings 

i fear that a large number of bureaucrats and officers in PSUs are
misusing their RTI for personal purposes. 

we only support those who have no personal stakes involved.

anna hazare's BVJA

let us not discredit PM with ulterior motives and immature actions. he
as well as sosnia and the whole of union cabinet are not enemies of


One Response to “PM and CABINET Anti National ? Are they against Democracy ?”


    It is the Public Servants who are misusing RTI for seeking information on their promotion, transfer and for other personal gains. The Public Servants should be banned from using the RTI.

    Many Advocates who are appearing before the Commission on behalf of the PIOs are opening their argument by making allegations against the information seekers stating that they are misusing the law for harrassing the officials.

    A serious though should be given on allowing advocates to represent PIOs as they are trying to use the commission to make allegatons against the information seekers.

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