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RTI Exposes :: MPs’ train tickets, ride for others –

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 31, 2006

MPs’ train tickets, ride for others

Hemender Sharma


Posted Monday , July 31, 2006 at 10:36Updated Monday , July 31, 2006 at 15:05


Bhopal: BJP MP from Damoh, C B Singh has an amazing ability: On October 12, 2005, Singh travelled in five different trains using 10 berths.

Of course, he was not on those trains. Using the Right to Information Act, CNN-IBN has found that many serving and former Members of Parliament are selling train tickets they get on concession or giving them away to supporters.

October 12, 2005, was not an exception for Singh.

Between September 2005 and February 2006, Singh made 117 train journeys. Singh was travelling from the same location to different destinations.

On September 19 last year, Singh went from Jabalpur to Bilaspur by train number 8254. Travel documents of September 20 show Singh boarding the same train from Jabalpur to Bilaspur.

On September 21, as well as September 22, Singh is travelling back from Bilaspur to Jabalpur by train number 8253. A week later, on

September 29: Singh is travelling to Bhopal from Allahabad by train number 1072, but he is also going from Damoh to Bina on train number 1469 on that same day. And on October 4, Singh is travelling from Jabalpur to Nagpur and from Jabalpur to Damoh on two different trains.

The list is endless and Singh appears to be on the move always and often to different destinations from different locations on the same date.

But, Singh is not the only MP to avail travel benefits provided by the railways.

There are five more sitting MPs from Madhya Pradesh who are either selling tickets they get against their concession passes or giving them away to their supporters all at the cost of the Indian Railways and the Indian taxpayer.

The MP from Satna, Ganesh Singh, has travelled on 22 occasions in the last six months. Out of those, on ten occasions he has travelled from the same place to different locations on the same day.


6 Responses to “RTI Exposes :: MPs’ train tickets, ride for others –”

  1. av said

    superb. well done. hats off to you to make our country a more transparent place.
    while people like me lament the dissolution of national values, people like you are actually doing something about it. hats off to you.

  2. naziya sadaf said

    i am want a railway tickitnagpur to bilaspur

  3. naziya sadaf said

    today 5 pm

  4. naziya sadaf said

    2 sits

  5. naziya sadaf said

    by pyement give

  6. i realy feel proud that we have these kind of good leaders that our working so hard to get country an satna developed………an this gentlemen i know very well he is so dedicated to his work an do his work with full of passion and give full attaintation to POOR AND NEEDY PEOPLS…………….

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