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Magsaysay winner quits Central education board because of RTI Amendment

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 30, 2006

Magsaysay winner quits Central education board
[ 30 Jul, 2006 0245hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

LUCKNOW: Magsaysay Award winner Sandeep Pandey has resigned from the Central Education Advisory Board in protest against, what he called, the Union government’s move dilute the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

Pandey’s decision is the first step in the direction of nationwide protests to be launched by social organisations under the banner of National Alliance of People’s Movement (NAPM) from August 1.

Social activists said that the Central government’s decision to remove file notings, cabinet papers and examination answer-copies from the ambit of RTI Act is unacceptable.

They said government should make efforts to ensure that all information reach people as early as possible without any hassle, instead of limiting the scope of the RTI Act. The move will be opposed at all levels, they added.

Those present in the press conference included former director general of police, UP, IC Dwivedi; advisor, right to information of Supreme Court, Arundhati Dhuru, Sandeep Pandey and Navin Tiwari among others.

They said that whole purpose of seeking information would be defeated, if orders and noting in the files are kept away from the people.

Sandeep Pandey has cited several other reasons for his resignation from the Central Education Advisory Board. He said that government had failed to place education reform bill in parliament.

It had also overlooked the rehabilitation of the people displaced due to construction of Narmada dam, he said. Further, despite objections of the President, government had not amended the Office of Profit Bill, he added.

These social activists also accused the state government of adopting a non-serious attitude with regard to implementation of the RTI Act in the state.

“Although the prime minister’s office has appointed a public information officer (PIO) as per RTI Act, the office of the UP chief secretary, who is suppsed to be the key person for the implementation of the act, does not have any PIO till date,” they claimed.

They also pointed out that under Section 4 of the RTI Act, it had been given that the state governments should suo moto publish all the information related to the departments so that people have to make minimum use of the RTI Act.

They said that a common man was not allowed to enter annexe where majority of key departments are situated. Therefore, how can government expect people to exercise their right.


8 Responses to “Magsaysay winner quits Central education board because of RTI Amendment”

  1. Manoj k. kamra said

    Sandeep Pandey ji,
    First step in real freedom of india from clones of British Raj.This movement for real freedom should speed up.We are still helpless at govt servent office record(servent playing the role of owner of the record in absence of file notings).

    Your sacrifice will be set new trend among sensible intellectuals having deep conern for really independent india.

  2. S.K.Kapur said

    Respected members
    Resigning may be a sacrifice but its effect may not be the desired one.
    The govt. is bent upon curtailing rights of citizens particularly of education and information.
    unless you are a vote bank forget your rights if you are not very active.

  3. G.Srinivas said

    Dear Sandeep jee,
    u have done great.

  4. Kamal Chand said

    Its a step on the right direction. Hope the media people come out with a live discussion on this topic and also the resignation from the high body. Any body listening in the Fourth Estate. Activism at the smallest level will help us lead the masses. Thanks for reading. beactivist@gmail.com

  5. Saj said

    your support of Arvind Kejriwal is most potent.
    i’ve always wondered what can happen if some of the former Magsaysay awardees of India (a.k.a. Magsaysay alumni) unite and synergize (if they have time to spare from their own missions that is) to tackle other social issues not far from those which they are focused on. just a tought, but hey i think it is happening now. your resignation from the CEB and it’s possible influence somehow manifests this and might just might lend pproof to this theory. miles away before we sleep.

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