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Hazare threatens fast unto death over changes in RTI

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 25, 2006

Hazare threatens fast unto death over changes in RTI
New Delhi,PTI:

Anna Hazare, known for his relentless campaign for the Right to Information Act, today threatened to go on a fast-unto-death if the government went ahead with the changes in the legislation to keep file notings beyond its purview.

Hazare is in the capital to consult likeminded people on the issue and a final decision on the fast is expected over the next two days, a source close to him said.

The changes government plans to incorporate will cripple the act by making it virtually useless, the source said.

Hazare had last week threatened to return the Padma Bhushan award bestowed on him if the proposed changes were not rolled back.


One Response to “Hazare threatens fast unto death over changes in RTI”

  1. sudarshan goala said

    I thing the decision and protest of Mr.Hazare is right to a great extent. the sole of RTI Act. lies in file notings . And if this section is removed from the act. then will be just a act without its

    I belive only the initiative of Mr. Hazare will not be able to fulfill the desired purpose. For this we also need to take initative from our part.

    thanks. s.goala

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