Right to Information – Master key to good governance

Press in INDIA playing into the hands of BABUS and Politicians by not reporting about RTI and it’s effectiveness ?

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 23, 2006


we just  organised during 18 – 21 july 2006, a four day awareness campaign at Distt head quarter of Juanpur, a small town in eastern UP.

when the distt admin knew abt it they suggested that there was no need for such campaihn as the distt admin was itself doing a campaign. but we persisted. and the response was very good. ppl from all over the district flocked the camp whcih was lcoated at  the DM office itself.

the first two days press gave very good coverage. but next two days there was a complete black out from ALL Newspapers. we have unconfirmed reports from insiders in the press and the distt admin that the distt admin asked the press not to carry our reports as they were having a tough time handling the difficult public questions plus it was leading the ‘babudom’ in  trouble.

i will post a complete report shortly,


sachin agarwal
Society for People’s Action Change and Enforcement (SPACE)
ph: 94152 55042 : 93350 15366


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