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RTI amendment will lead to denial of information: PHDCCI

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 22, 2006

RTI amendment will lead to denial of information: PHDCCI



New Delhi, July 21: Industry body PHDCCI today said the Centre’s decision to amend the Rights to Information Act by excluding side notes made in all areas except the social and development projects will amount to the denial of information itself.

Stating that the proposed amendment will be used as a shield by the bureaucracy, the chamber said: “Right to Information should not come with any riders as it will amount to the denial of information itself”.

“There can be no justification for excluding file notings from the purview of Rights to Information Act, 2005. This censorship will render Right to Information meaningless,” PHDCCI secretary general Bibek Debroy said in the release.

As per the proposed amendment, file notings relating to identifiable individuals, group of individuals, organisations, appointments, matters relating to inquiries and departmental proceedings will not be disclosed, while the right of a citizen to obtain information from officials is absolute.

The government’s logic in excluding these bits of “valuable information” is not clear. The justification that it is excluded in other countries like the US, the UK and Australia is not valid as what is excluded by these countries is internal communication between different departments of the government during which these decisions are deliberated, the release said.

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