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MeSEB body denied access to personal information

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 22, 2006

MeSEB body denied access to personal information
The shillong times
july 21, 2006
By Our Reporter

Shillong: The State Chief Information Commissioner Meghalaya, GP Wahlang has disposed off an appeal submitted by the General Secretary, MeSEB Engineers’ Association seeking information relating to the Annual Performances Appraisal Report and the Quarterly Self-Appraisal Report individually for the period from 1998 to 2005.

The Public Information Officer and Departmental Appellate Authority, MeSEB has refused access to the above information on the plea that it is personal information and therefore exempted from disclosure under Section 8(1)(j) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

It may be mentioned that the MeSEB has since 1996 introduced two proforma for recording the performance of its officers in the Appraisal System based on Merit-cum-Seniority for consideration of promotion, namely, the Quarterly Self Appraisal Report of officers and the Annual Performances Appraisal Report.

The Chief Information Commissioner after receiving appeal from the General Secretary, MeSEB Engineers’ Association has examined and heard the matter from both sides and delivered his opinion that the information sought for relates to personal information of individual officers of the Board and therefore covered under Section 8 (1) (j) of the RTI Act.

However, he opined that giving the overall grading in the assessment collectively arrived at by the Controlling, Reviewing and Accepting officer will enable the concerned officer to know their own respective grading and will help them improve their performances resulting to a better health and growth of the organisation in rendering public services.

The appeal was disposed off with the direction that the Departmental Appellate Authority, MeSEB will furnish the information regarding the overall gradation given in the Annual Performances Appraisal Report and also reply whether Quarterly Self Appraisal Report along with commence are available for each engineers of the Board.

The Chief Information Commissioner has directed the Association to furnish the information within 15 days from issuing the order.

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