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shailesh Gandhi wrote: about AMENDMENTS to RTI Act 2005

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 20, 2006

shailesh Gandhi <shailesh2@vsnl.com> wrote:

The Government appears to  be seriously contemplating making retrograde changes in the RTI Act, based on the Administrative Reforms Committee’s report and also using this opportunity to remove file notings from the ambit of the information avialable to Citizens.
We need to stop this. At the minimum if a law is made after a lot of consultation, everyone,- including the Government,- must learn to respect  and accept it.
Can all of us think of ways to register our opposition to any change in the law? -nay a way to ensure that the Government does not change the law.
022 32903776; 26001003
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One Response to “shailesh Gandhi wrote: about AMENDMENTS to RTI Act 2005”

  1. APARNA KOLAY said

    I do not agree about government’s seriousness regarding effective implementation of the RTI Act. Jharkhand state info commn’s web page is not updated and it’s out of public domain, same position is at Jharkhand Government’s web site, shown e-mail addresses of the competent authorities are incorrect, so mails sent to them bounces.These serious lapses has been exposed through Hindustan Times news report, Ranchi edition, dated:03/09/2010. C.I.C. or N.I.C. has been approached about corrective measures, but both have expressed their inabilities for bringing any reform as the issue solely lies in the domain of Govt.of Jharkhand.Jharkhand concerned authorities are silent about it.
    Rule of law seems to have no role in Jharkhand. My grievance regarding unlawful change in my date of appointment by the Directorate of Secondary Education fails to resolve inspite of 3 DARPG and 2 President’s Secretariat Help Line complaints,CORE Centre registered complaint, 2 NCW registered complaints, many interventions by the Hon’ble DC, Ranchi, Sri Yashwant Sinha, Honourable M.P.have failed to yield any reply from HRD, Jharkhand.

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