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Right to Information to go down to grassroots: Commissioners

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 20, 2006

Right to Information to go down to grassroots: Commissioners

Staff Reporter


State Information Commissioners to review implementation




KARIMNAGAR: State Information Commissioners R Dileep Reddy and A Subba Rao had said that they will conduct review meetings in selected revenue divisions in the next three to four months about the implementation of Right to Information Act.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, the Information Commissioners have said that they had already reviewed the implementation of Right to information Act in all the 23 districts and observed that there was awareness among the urban public about the Act. Stressing on the need to spread the message of the Act to grassroot level, they said that they will play a proactive role for the implementation of the Right to Information Act.

The Commission was taking all necessary steps to compile petitions received from the people and submit an annual report to the State Assembly by November this year. The Commission was constituted in the month of November, 2005 but the Right to Information Act has been implemented in the State from October 12 onwards.

The Commissioners urged the people to pressurize officials to extract the necessary information required under the Act. If the officials failed to provide information, the people could approach the Commission for redressal of grievance.

Earlier, at a review meeting with the district officials they had instructed the authorities to prepare manuals, in Telugu also, under the Right to information Act by August 15. .


One Response to “Right to Information to go down to grassroots: Commissioners”


    The decision of the State Information Commission to conduct review meetings at selected revenue divisions is really commendable. If the commission decides to hold its sittings it will be more beneficial to the citizens. Now it is time to make a demand for establishment of permanent benches of the Central Information Commission in all State Head Quarters as it is practically impossible for us to go to New Delhi to present our cases before the Central Information Commission.

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