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Power of RTI – Special Audit of Jalgaon Municipal Corporation (JMC)

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 18, 2006

Due to several ongoing protests, PILs in court & finally the below RTI app (final nail in the coffin !), govt. has agreed to conduct a special audit of the JMC for the Gharkul scam. You may recall that this scam was blown by whistleblower, Shri Praveen Gedam (IAS officer) who registered an FIR against more than 90 corporators who are accused in this scam. Not surprisingly, he was transferred within 9 months from the post of Commissioner, JMC and posted as CEO, ZP, Latur.

The reply to this RTI app dated 11th July, 2006 is awaited, but action has been taken !

Kudos to RTI !

Relevant extract of RTI :

(iii) Description of information required :

Certified copies of information required, as stated below, including file notings, if any.

1) Whether the government has received any letter from the Municipal Commissioner, Jalgaon, requesting it to conduct “special audit” of JMC, as per the BLFA Act and section 108 of the BPMC Act?

2) If yes, what action has been taken by the government with respect to the above mentioned letter?

3) With respect to the above, kindly furnish copies of the file notings alongwith the dates, and the names and designations of the persons who have made these notings.

4) With whom (name and designation) is the file pending right now and since when?

5) If the file has been pending with any authority for more than seven days, what disciplinary action has been taken against them according to the government circular No Sankirna/1005/34/Pra. Kra. 38/2005/18 (Ra & Ka), Dated 17-04-2005

6) Kindly furnish the copies of audit paras from the audit report of JMC conducted by the AG, Mumbai between November, 2005 and January, 2006.

Rajesh Darak

Mera Bharat Mahaan…Nahi Hai,
Per Yeh Dosh Mera Hai.


5 Responses to “Power of RTI – Special Audit of Jalgaon Municipal Corporation (JMC)”

  1. […] Power of RTI – Special Audit of Jalgaon Municipal Corporation (JMC) […]

  2. bhikan said

    priy saheb, eak divas lavakrach aasa yeil & aapan nackich jalgaon la parat yal mag te commissoner/collector/c.e.o. mahnun. tevha aapan aamchya sarya apeksha purna karal hi khatri aahe. Aamhi jalgaonkar matra aaplyasathi kami padlo tya sathi aamha jalgaonkarana parmeshwar kadhihi maph karnar nahi yachi aamhala khatri aahe. karan anyay karnarya pexha anyay sahan karnara jasta doshi asto he trivar satya aahe.

    aapan lovkarch yaal yaach apexet
    bhikan wani

  3. Dr Rajinder K Singla said

    Where is Whistleblowers’ Protection in India?
    Seeking Information under RTI led to termination of service

    On 28th December 2006 I had submitted an RTI application to CBSE Regional Office Panchkula to seek certain details on The Lawrence School Sanawar which is permanently affiliated to this Board. On the 5th day of my application, the School Headmaster terminated my services, with immediate effect. He got so scared from the information I had sought that he gave me three months salary in advance in lieu of notice period. CBSE-PIO too denied the information. The case was listed for hearing in the office of the CIC on 3rd of January 2008. Decision is awaited.

  4. Hat man in Deutschland „die Schnauze voll, kann man sich über
    Möglichkeiten, im Ausland zu arbeiten, auf diesen Webseiten ausführlich informieren.

  5. Lawrence said

    Schon die Auftaktetappe in Leeds mit der zu erwartenden Massenankunft könnte für den Blondschopf maßgeschneidert sein.

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