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Make India corruption-free, Dr Kalam tells youth

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 18, 2006

Make India corruption-free, Dr Kalam tells youth


Jhabua, MP, July 17 (UNI) In a message revealing the crystal-clear vision and genuine affection that have made him the People’s President, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam today issued a clarion call to India’s youth for launching an agitation for making the nation corruption-free.

The world-renowned scientist was interacting with school children at this district’s Hatyadeli village after being briefed about the Headstart Scheme that envisaged education through the medium of computers.

”Kids and youth can transform India. School children should urge their guardians to cooperate in stamping out corruption from every home,” the ‘Missile Man’ said in response to a child’s query on how Vision-2020 could be achieved in an environment reeking with corruption.

Dr Kalam announced that ten computers and printers would be sent within a month for Headstart.

”Kids should have great dreams, gather knowledge and toil,” he said after viewing jatropha cultivation. Praising the district’s water conservation work, the President expressed happiness over the fact that Jhabua’s denizens preserved tribal culture. On his first visit here, Dr Kalam was also impressed by the prevailing prosperity and lauded both people’s representatives and the officialdom.

Children swore to study with dedication, plant at least five saplings each, attempt to address grievances of the downtrodden, not to discriminate on grounds of religion, caste and language.

Villagers resolved not to discriminate against the female child, to educate young ones, not to waste hard-earned money in gambling and alcohol abuse, to have small families, protect forests and combat pollution, plant a minimum of five saplings each and to serve as role models to their children.

When a kid Piyushi Asathi asked the President to define life, Dr Kalam said, ”Life is invaluable and beautiful and it’s objective is to contribute. Children should disseminate education.” Another kid asked him what he would like to become in his next life and the President’s answer was, ”I will request God to make me a good citizen of India.” The children were urged to write to Dr Kalam at the website presidentofindia.nic.in.


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