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RSP officer makes mockery of right to information Act

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 17, 2006

RSP officer makes mockery of right to information Act
Aurobinda Das | Rourkela
Rourkela Steel Plant’s public information officer has been absent from his office, making the mockery of Right to Information Act 2005. It may be mentioned that to make governance more transparent and accountable, the Right to Information Act 2005 was implemented by the Centre and all State Governments from October 12, 2005. This act is applicable to all Government and Government-aided organisations.
As per the act, to make information easily accessible by the public each organisation has to appoint a public information officer, before whom general public can address their grievances directly. Accordingly, the plant authorities appointed a public information officer (PIO) in the rank of DGM, but that officer and his subordinates sit in the plant’s main administrative building, making difficult for ordinary man to access them.
Therefore a person desiring to meet the officer has to pay unnecessary postal / courier charges for submitting his application. The complainant is deprived of getting even an acknowledgement notification. Not only this the provision of the Act provides if an illiterate person wants some information then he can take the help of the officer in filling up his application, but it would be impossible in case of Rourkela Steel Plant.
The act also prescribes a fee of Rs 10 as application money for getting information. According to Gazette notification of Sep 16, 2005 for providing the information under sub-section (1) of section 7, the fee shall be charged by way of cash against proper money receipt or by demand draft or bankers cheque payable to the account officer of the public authority and as per the gazette notification of May 17, 2006 IPO is also permissible. But in case of Rourkela Steel Plant, the PIO only entertains demand draft or bankers cheque and the provision for receiving cash.

4 Responses to “RSP officer makes mockery of right to information Act”

  1. Manoj k. kamra said

    Dear Mr.Venkat kumaraswamy,

    Thanks for very enriching information of fees deposition by IPO via gazette notification dt 17 may 2006.So far , I have been wasting time and money for DD.

  2. TheState Public Information Oficer and ADM, Collectorate,Calicut has Rejected a request for infornmation submitted in acordance withSection 6 RTI on a pleas that the “the inbformation request is not in the PRWSCRIBED FORM’

  3. […] https://right2information.wordpress.com/2006/07/17/rsp-officer-makes-mockery-of-right-to-information-act/ […]

  4. Col NR Kurup (Tetd) said

    What less mortals can do when the State Information Commission does not want to act and his staff staff does not wish to educate themselves of the provisions of the Right to Information Act 2005 despite the Act is 18 months old ?

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