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Successful Conclusion to 15 Days RTI Help Desk at Shillong

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 16, 2006

 ———- Forwarded message ———-
From: the freedom project <thefreedomproject@gmail.com>
Subject: Successful Conclusion to 15 Days RTI Help Desk at Shillong


Almost 2000 visitors, More than 150 Applications, Visitors from Pynursla,
Khlierahat, Jowai, Mairang, Lyngam Area, Tura, Sohrynkham, Mawkyrwat,
Mawnsynram. Three day help desk at Jowai. One Day Help Desk at Smit.
Extension  Programmes at Mawlai, Demseneiong, Barapathar, Stephen Hall
hostel. 10000 Khasi and English pamphlets distributed.. More than 5000
detailed Fact sheets about RTI in Khasi and around 3000 Fact sheets in
English given out.  28 organisations, 40 volunteers. Departments which came
under RTI scanner are :

1. *DC Supply for Ration Cards     *
2. *DC office for BPL enumeration *
3. *Indian Army Cantonment
Board                                               *
4. *BSF                  *
5. *Community and Rural Development/DRDA/Block Office for Central
Schemes (IAY+SGRY+Pensions etc.)  *
6. *Police                  *
7. *MPSC             *
8. *Health                  *
9. *PWD
10. *Education for SSA           *
11. *District Selection Committee      *
12. *DC for MLA & MP Fund   *
13. *Home            *
14. *Land Records            *
15. *Personnel                *
16. *Social Welfare          *
17. *General Administration        *
18. *NGOs/Colleges/Schools       *
19. *MeSEB *
20. *State Women’s Commission *
21. *Department of Post *
22. *Transport *
23. *Shillong Municipal Board    *
24. *District Council          *
25. *NEC              *
26. *Passport              *
27. *MBOSE*

At the closing of the campaign, volunteers shared their experiences of the
campaign. They expressed the learning they had in these fifteen days, where
they discovered the myriad ways in which politicians and bureaucrats have
fleeced the public . They also learnt the daily humiliations which citizens
face at the altar of government departments. And these lessons have
strengthened the resolve of volunteers to sharpen their RTI skills. Many
Volunteers have expressed their desire to set up permanent help desks in
their locality and shnongs.
During the course of the campaign RTI activists have been invited from
Nongstoin, Mawkyrwat, Tura, Mairang and other such places, to  not only do
volunteers trainings but also help local activists to set up their own help
desks. This means that this 15 day campaign has inaugurated a people’s
movement centred around RTI. This movement is going to use RTI as a means to
hold our government accountable and reclaim development and democracy back
for the people.
The programme ended on a celebratory note with the musicians and singers
singing *phawars  *about RTI.

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  1. Ankush said

    I want to know about my bba revaluation result

  2. Ankush said

    I want to know about my bba revaluation result please give me reply

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